Peggy Hall is doing incredible work to stand up for FREEDOM. She was instrumental in getting Orange County, California, to drop its mask mandate!

The tagline of THE HEALTHY AMERICAN is “Breathing Life Back into Liberty!”

no mask no serviceWe encourage you to check out the amazing resources on Peggy’s website at She has lots of free videos, content, and links to helpful information.

Get Peggy’s free guide with over 75 responses of what you can say to people (from store clerks to police officers) when they tell you to wear a mask.

It’s a great resource, especially if you are unsure of how to respond!

Get the guide No Mask, No Service? here.

“Whether you are a business owner or a customer you NEED to be equipped and empowered to know your rights!” —Peggy Hall

Confused about Compliance, Violations and Fines Regarding Masks, Distancing, and Other Restrictions?

Peggy Hall has an online training seminar called Open for Business that she recorded. It is not only for business owners; it is for anyone who wants to stand up against these mask “requirements” and other restrictions.

The webinar is filled with excellent information about federal law and statutory law, how ALL of these restrictions are unconstitutional and unlawful, and how to stand up against them.

We highly recommend that you watch this webinar. It currently costs $39, which goes towards Peggy’s research and work. Once you pay for the webinar, you can watch it as many times as you want. Peggy also provides a variety of forms that you can download and use.

You can find this webinar at the following link:

Below is one of the many videos that you can see on The Healthy American website.

Note: YouTube is taking down Peggy’s videos, so she will be setting up her own private video platform in the future.