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    • Chris
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      I have compiled a list of articles and videos about the covid vaccines. You can find them on the Videos and Articles pages on this site under Vaccinations & Related Info.

      Following is a sampling of this information.

      Brannon Howse interviews Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on Frankspeech.com: What is in the Covid Vaccine?

      View the video Perspectives on the Pandemic | “Blood Clots and Beyond” | Episode 15 with Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, MD: https://youtu.be/pyPjAfNNA-U

      View the video of Dr. Ryan Cole, CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics Regarding Covid, Vaccine, & Treatments: https://www.bitchute.com/video/hfzL5gUeQvxr

      The covid-19 “vaccination” is NOT a vaccination. Dr. Judy Mikovitz calls it a “synthetic pathogen”: Important Information about the Scam Vaccine – Dr. David Martin and Dr. Judy Mikovitz Speak Out!

      Research the vaccine results OR report vaccine injuries and adverse reactions on VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System): https://vaers.hhs.gov

      Read 18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a Covid Vaccine written by Christian Elliot.

      America’s Frontline Doctors are standing up against the tyranny and have put together resources and information on these experimental vaccines: https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/covid19/vaccines

      Are you willing to take the risk of a life-changing injury from a vaccination? Read about Nick’s story One Vaccination Is Too Many: https://bravelikenick.com

    • Chris
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      Following are some of the ways that you can stand up against these vaccines, if you are being coerced or required to get a vaccine for employment, for school, etc.

      What Can You Do to Stop Forced Vaccinations?
      These vaccines are being administered under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). According to Federal law, you cannot be forced to take these vaccines, since they are considered “experimental.”

      Ever since the Food and Drug Administration granted emergency use authorization for two new vaccines, employers, schools, and other organizations are grappling with whether to require Covid-19 vaccination.

      While organizations are certainly free to encourage their employees, students, and other members to be vaccinated, federal law provides that, at least until the vaccine is licensed, individuals must have the option to accept or decline to be vaccinated.

      Knowing what an organization can or cannot do with respect to Covid-19 vaccines can help them keep their employees, students, and members safe and also save the them from costly and time-consuming litigation.

      Even though the FDA granted emergency use authorizations for the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines in December 2020, the clinical trials the FDA will rely upon to ultimately decide whether to license these vaccines are still underway and are designed to last for approximately two years to collect adequate data to establish if these vaccines are safe and effective enough for the FDA to license.

      Click on the title below to read the full article:
      Federal Law Prohibits Employers and Others from Requiring Vaccination with a Covid-19 Vaccine Distributed Under an EUA

      Learn about your medical rights and how to defend them on Peggy Halls’ website The Healthy American: http://www.thehealthyamerican.org/vaccines

      Get legal information and more from the Legal Eagle Dream Team at America’s Frontline Doctors: https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/legal

      America’s Frontline Doctors files motion for temporary restraining order against use of COVID vaccine in children: Read the article here.

      There are doctors and organizations that are standing up against forced vaccinations.
      “No one – not the government, employers, nor any individual – should maintain the authority to force anyone to get vaccinated, and a Vaccine Bill of Rights in your state will ensure that they don’t.”

      Learn More: US Doctors Propose ‘Vaccine Bill of Rights’ to Protect Citizens from Forced Shots

      “Achieving and protecting the right to informed consent to vaccination is more important now than ever before. NVIC wants to help you to organize and make a difference in your home state right where you live to protect and expand vaccine exemptions. It is at the state level that mass vaccination policies are made, and it is at the state level where your action to protect your rights can have the greatest impact.”

      Learn more: https://nvicadvocacy.org.

      “Our founding fathers fought against tyranny to realize the dream of a great and free nation. It is time for the free people of the greatest nation on earth to stand up for our freedom to choose what’s healthy for our own bodies, before the industrial agriculture and pharmaceutical industries pass laws that force those decisions upon us.”

      Learn more: https://www.icandecide.org.

      Note: ICAN’s legal team, led by Aaron Siri, is helping people when their employers/schools are requiring them to get vaccinated. Email them at freedom@icandecide.org and include a copy of the written notice from your school or employer stating that the covid-19 vaccine is required.

    • CTruth
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      If you haven’t subscribed to The Defender: Children’s Health Defense News & Views, I highly recommend it: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender.

      The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced Thursday it will convene an emergency meeting of its advisers on June 18 to discuss higher-than-expected reports of heart inflammation following doses of Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines, CBS News reported.

      According to the CDC, a total of 475 cases of myocarditis or pericarditis were recorded in patients 30 and younger. The CDC identified 226 reports that might meet the agency’s “working case definition” of myocarditis and pericarditis following the shots, the agency disclosed Thursday during an FDA hearing.

      The majority of those affected have recovered, but 41 had ongoing symptoms, 15 are still hospitalized and three are in the intensive care unit.

      Dr. Tom Shimabukuro, deputy director of the CDC’s Immunization Safety Office said during Thursday’s meeting there had been a higher-than-expected number of cases of heart inflammation among young people recently vaccinated with their second doses of mRNA vaccine.

      CDC data showed 196 reports of myocarditis and pericarditis among 18- to 24-year-olds through May 31, compared with an expected rate of between eight and 83 cases.

      Among 16- to 17-year-olds, 79 cases of myocarditis and pericarditis were reported through May 31. The expected rate among people in this age group is between two and 19 cases, Shimabukuro said during his presentation.

      Shimabukuro said the CDC’s findings were “mostly consistent” with reports of rare cases of heart inflammation that had been studied in Israel and reported by the U.S. Department of Defense earlier this year.

      Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle that can lead to cardiac arrhythmia and death. According to researchers at the National Organization for Rare Disorders, myocarditis can result from infections, but “more commonly the myocarditis is a result of the body’s immune reaction to the initial heart damage.”

      Read the full article: CDC to Convene Emergency Meeting on 226 Reports of Heart Inflammation After COVID Vaccine in People Under 30

    • Chris
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      I found the following video to be factual and straightforward.


      vaccine only thing that will save us

      According to the FDA, their list of “possible adverse event outcomes” includes:
      FDA Safety Surveillance of COVID-19 Vaccines: DRAFT Working list of possible adverse event outcomes

      Subject to change***
      Guillain-Barré syndrome Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis Transverse myelitis Encephalitis / myelitis / encephalomyelitis / meningoencephalitis / meningitis / encepholapathy Convulsions / seizures Stroke Narcolepsy and cataplexy Anaphylaxis Acute myocardial infarction Myocarditis / pericarditis Autoimmune disease Deaths Pregnancy and birth outcomes Other acute demyelinating diseases Non-anaphylactic allergic reactions Thrombocytopenia Disseminated intravascular coagulation Venous thromboembolism Arthritis and arthralgia/joint pain Kawasaki disease Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome in Children Vaccine enhanced disease.

      Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee October 22, 2020 Meeting Presentation

    • Chris
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      What Can We Do?! Join the fight with America’s Frontline Doctors!

      Dr. Simone Gold says: RISE UP in the name of HUMAN FREEDOM!!

      This is a MUST-WATCH VIDEO of Dr. Simone Gold speaking at the Tulsa, OK, Health & Freedom Conference.


      Simone Gold Tulsa Health & Freedom speech

      Make sure to watch the video all the way to the end….

      You can RISE UP IN HUMOR! There is a very funny meme with the doctors!!

      Get the Frontline News: https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/news

      • Chris
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        Uncover DC recently wrote an article about the Frontline Doctors effort to STOP the vaccinations of children.

        “Children make up 30 percent of the population in the United States, but they represent 100 percent of our future.” This important statistic from America’s Frontline Doctors cannot be understated. The CDC currently recommends that children 12 years of age and older receive the experimental COVID-19 “vaccine,” despite the fact that—as pointed out by Dr. Angie Farella—“with COVID and kids, there is no emergency.”

        In a race against time, America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS), many of whom are parents themselves, recently filed a complaint to halt the administration of these untested “vaccines” in children and a temporary restraining order (TRO) asking a judge to restrain the government from injecting our children with the experimental medical protocol.

        covid 19 survival rates

        Read the article and view the video: America’s Frontline Doctors: Fighting For America’s Children


    • Chris
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      On July 11, One America News Network published the following information:

      Over 9,000 people have now died after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine as the CDC is joined by European regulators investigating the drug’s potentially deadly side effects. One America’s Pearson Sharp has more.

      See the video below.

      COVID Vaccine Deaths Top 9k, CDC And European Regulators Investigate Potentially Deadly Heart Inflammation

      covid vaccine deaths OAN

    • Chris
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      Here is a website that is documenting many of the stories of people who are suffering after experiencing adverse reactions from these experimental shots.

      1,000 Covid Stories

      Thousand Covid Stories

      You can submit your stories to them via video.

      People need to be informed and KNOW the risks before getting these covid shots.

      Please share this website with others!

    • Chris
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      The DOJ released a memorandum stating that government and private businesses have the right to force their employees to get these experimental shots. Here is the link to the document: https://www.justice.gov/olc/file/1415446/download

      The TRUTH: The DOJ is trying to SCARE people into getting these shots. Their statement is an opinion, not a law. And it is a ridiculous opinion that is unconstitutional and unlawful. This DOJ opinion exemplifies the extensive corruption of the DOJ!

      There are numerous people and sources refuting this DOJ opinion. Please see the Peggy Hall video and read the articles below for more information.

      Peggy Hall Sets the Record Straight on the DOJ Opinion:

      And, you always have the ability to get an exemption. Go to The Healthy American website to find HOW TO GET YOUR RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION APPROVED: https://www.thehealthyamerican.org/religious-exemption-letter

      The DOJ has just dropped a nuclear legal bomb on America’s legal system by summarily declaring that employers have a legal right to force employees to receive injections of FDA unapproved gene therapy. This is totally false and shows that yet another federal agency has been weaponized against the American system and people.

      The corporate media is making much ado about the U.S. Department of Justice issuing a legal opinion that employer mandates of the Covid shots are “legal.”

      Are they hoping their readers and viewers are unable to tell the difference between a DOJ “opinion” and a Supreme Court opinion? It certainly looks that way.

      In a July 6 memorandum opinion for the deputy counsel to the president, the DOJ magically “determined” there’s no federal law that prohibits “public or private entities from imposing vaccination requirements, even when the only vaccines available are those with [Emergency Use Authorization].”

      Let’s be frank. This is a case of one arm of the Biden administration telling another arm of the Biden administration what it wanted to hear.

      Read the article:
      The Department Of Justice Just (Illegally) Gave Green Light For Employer-Forced Vaccinations

      Liberty Counsel claims in its analysis of the DOJ memorandum that it “is fundamentally flawed and … cannot be read to permit the government or private entities to mandate an experimental product approved merely for emergency use. In fact, the memorandum even admits multiple times that the EUA law and the FDA require the ‘option to accept or refuse.’”

      “None of the COVID shots are approved or licensed by the FDA. They come under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), which means they cannot be forced or required,” Liberty Counsel states in a scathing statement issued July 29.

      “On page 1 of the DOJ memo, and many times thereafter, the DOJ correctly states that Section 564 of the federal law directs the FDA ‘to the extent practicable’ and as the FDA ‘finds necessary or appropriate … to impose ‘[a]appropriate’ conditions on each EUA.

      “The memo continues: ‘Some of these conditions are designed to ensure that recipients of the product are “informed” of certain things, including “the option to accept or refuse administration of the product.”’

      Liberty Counsel founder and Chairman Mat Staver said in his firm’s analysis that “in addition to the plain language of the EUA law and the FDA, employees and students have rights under state and federal laws, including the First Amendment free exercise clause, to refuse injecting a drug into their bodies.

      “It is shocking that the DOJ intentionally deceived the public with its lawless, result-oriented memorandum. We will not allow the law and the people to be trampled by employers, schools or this administration.”

      Read the article:
      DOJ Memo Backing Mandatory COVID-19 Shots ‘Is Absurd,’ Religious Liberty Group Claims

      Learn more about the Liberty Council: https://www.lc.org

    • Chris
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      America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) released the videos below from their White Coat Summit on July 27, 2021.

      These videos provide invaluable medical, legal, and activism information and give updates on things to come for AFLDS.

      WCS 1-Yr Anniversary: https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/videos/white-coat-summit-the-one-year-anniversary

      A review of the year that changed the world and reminded us what matters most. America’s Frontline Doctors presents a powerful delivery of accurate scientific data, the law and a critical defense of human rights, and citizen engagement in the necessary process of protecting American freedom.

      The Science: https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/videos/summit-sessions-the-science

      AFLDS.org presents SUMMIT SESSIONS: The Science, part of a series of presentations delivering accurate scientific facts, the latest medical research, and sensible health policy solutions.

      The Law: https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/videos/summit-sessions-the-law

      AFLDS.org presents SUMMIT SESSIONS: The Law, part of a series of presentations delivering accurate legal interpretation, insightful explanations of this year’s impending civil rights crisis, and a fearless defense of inalienable human rights.

      The People: https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/videos/summit-sessions-the-people/

      AFLDS.org presents SUMMIT SESSIONS: The People, a delivery of practical action steps and helpful resources for individuals to unite and engage in their local communities, affect positive change, and protect their inalienable rights and freedoms, featuring Jessica Housewright and America’s Frontline Citizen Corps.

    • Chris
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      Stew Peters featured a story about ALL the restrictions ending in Alberta, Canada. Patrick King was fined $1200 for violating the Covid-19 Public Health Act for gathering in a large group. He took it to court and WON!

      In fact, Alberta dropped ALL of its covid restrictions!!

      See the interview below.

      Patrick King wins

      WE CAN WIN! Patrick King is a proud father of 2, Freedom Fighter and Patriot who took on the powerful government in Alberta, and WON!

      We can ALL learn from this, and we MUST battle this in every single city, every single county, every single state, every single NATION!

      The fight for freedom is a worldwide effort, and WE CAN WIN!

      Please share this video with EVERYONE!

    • Chris
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      This Common Law approach offers a different perspective and way for you to stop the covid restrictions and shot “mandates.”

      See the video below by Commoner Law Group for more information on how to use Common Law.


      vaccination mandates and common law

      No one else has the authority over you! YOU need to stand up for yourself; no one else can do this for you. So, you need to decide if this approach works for you. We recommend that you do your own research.

      Commoner Law Group has created templates and instructions for different groups of people including government employees, private sector employees, healthcare workers, parents with school-age kids, college and vocational students, and military service members.

      Access your tailored Medical Freedom Package at https://www.commonerlaw.com.

    • Chris
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      What are these experimental shots actually doing to your immune system? Geert Vanden Bosshe, a highly recognized vaccine creator, speaks out against these “vaccines.” Del Bigtree shares an interview with him and shows why he is sounding the alarm that these vaccines must be stopped now to save humanity!

      See the video below to learn more.


      vaccine disaster

    • Chris
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      By Peggy Hall https://www.thehealthyamerican.org

      1. There is no legal authority that can require you to get a vaccine against your will.

      2. If you don’t get a vaccine, you cannot be coerced into wearing a mask, getting tested, or being excluded from your school or place of employment.

      3. The law is on your side. You have the right to be accommodated for your medical condition or religious beliefs.

      4. You have to educate your boss or school about the law. (We can help you do that.)

      5. Your employer/school will try to confuse, coerce, intimidate, threaten and harass you.

      This is called retaliation and discrimination, and that is against the law.

      6. You have the right to determine what is done with your body.

      7. It doesn’t matter whether the vaccine only has an “emergency authorization” or not.

      8. Even if the vaccine becomes approved, you cannot be forced to take one.

      9. You can seek an exemption for the vaccine, the mask and the testing. We recommend a religious exemption, which also includes your sincerely-held ethical and moral beliefs.

      10. The masks and the testing are also “emergency use authorization” but even if they weren’t, you cannot be forced into complying.

      11. Only a licensed medical doctor can prescribe a medical treatment such as a mask, covid testing or a vaccine. Your boss or school administrator has no authority to do so.

      12. No CDC guidelines, OSHA regulations or health officer order can suspend your rights.

      13. You have the constitutionally-protected and GUARANTEED right to life and the right to determine what it done to your body.

      14. You do not have to tell your boss or school administrator whether or not you got vaccinated. That is your private information. You cannot be discriminated against for not disclosing that information.

      15. IMPORTANT!! Do NOT sign any paper that says you will disclose your medical information and do NOT agree to wearing a mask or testing. 16. You do not have to defend yourself against their requests. Instead: turn the tables and demand that they tell you their LEGAL AUTHORITY to require you to participate in these medical interventions.

      17. IMPORTANT!!! Don’t focus on the science (or lack thereof). It actually weakens your position. IT DOESN’T MATTER IF THE MASKS, TESTING OR VACCINES WORK OR NOT. WHAT MATTERS IS YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CONSENT IF YOU DON’T WANT TO.

      18. It is UNLAWFUL for your employer/school to assume you are a threat to the health and safety of others, without proof from a licensed medical doctor or an order from the court.

      19. Only a COURT ORDER can compel you to cover your face, get a covid test or get vaccinated. And even then – you can appeal the court’s decision.

      20. And if you DID have a contagious disease – now you would be covered under ADA laws and your needs would have to be accommodated by law.

      21. Federal law requires your employer/school to accommodate your religious beliefs – or sincerely-held ethical or moral beliefs – without discrimination.

      22. Your employer/school may delay, deny or deliberately try to make it so difficult for you so that you give in, give up or give over your sovereign authority and God-given RIGHT to determine what it done to your body. DON’T FALL FOR IT! We can tell you what to do.

      23. Your employer/school may tell you that they are: following OSHA regulations; following the CDC; or following their own policies. Demand that they produce the statutory law that gives them the authority to violate your rights.

      24. Your employer/school will tell you that accommodating you creates a “hardship” and therefore they don’t have to accommodate you. The LAW states that the school or employer has to PROVE that the hardship is more than just minimal. Are you asking for your own private classroom, tutor, office, air filtration, personal trainer, personal chef, 24/7 medical care and chauffeur? If not, then there is NO HARDSHIP.

      25. Remember: YOU do not have to prove anything.

    • Chris
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      You need to critically think and examine the information that is being put out there about covid. The paid propagandists will lie and smear good doctors’ names in order to support their false narrative.

      There has been a growing trend of attacking, vilifying, and censoring any doctor who doesn’t conform to the establishment medicine perspective on COVID-19. Many highly qualified physicians, virologists, vaccinologists, epidemiologists, and others have been maligned in this way.

      One doctor under attack is Simone Gold, the medical doctor and lawyer who founded America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS). The authors of the website, MedShadow, took it upon themselves to attack Gold (and America’s Frontline Doctors) by making spurious and misleading claims about her activities and statements. MedShadow’s attempt to discredit her and her organization harms their readership more than they do Dr. Gold and AFLDS.

      To help the public understand the deceitful tactics used by MedShadow (and others) to obfuscate and hide the truth from their audience, AFLDS analyzes and responds to their allegations.

      Read the article: How MedShadow Fakes It to Discredit Dr Simone Gold

    • Chris
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      I went to a health freedom rally yesterday in Sioux Falls, SD, sponsored by UnMask the Truth.

      The most moving part of the rally, which at times brought me to tears, were the stories of people with adverse reactions to these toxic shots.

      If you have loved ones who are considering these experimental vaccines, share personal stories with them if you can. Perhaps these stories will make a difference in their final decision.

      Below is an article that was published featuring a whole lot of personal stories posted on Facebook recently. Some of the comments are heartbreaking.

      WOW: Facebook Post from TV Station Accidentally Reveals More People are Dying from the Vaccine than the Media is Reporting

      • Chris
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        Please continue to share the TRUTH and the stories of people who have experienced injuries or death from the covid shots.

        Here is another compelling video: The Victims of the COVID Vaccines

        CDC VAERS COVID-19 Vaccine Report as of September 24, 2021:
        752,801 Adverse Events
        71,036 Hospitzlaitons
        85,377 Urgent Care
        6,737 Anaphylaxis
        9,035 Bell’s Palsy
        2,262 Miscarriages
        7,582 Heart Attacks
        6,812 Myocarditis/Pericarditis
        20,789 Permanently Disabled
        28,168 Allergic Reaction
        8,153 Shingles
        15,937 Deaths

        Why are health institutions and policy makers ignoring the victims of the COVID Vaccines?

    • Chris
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      Here is another website with compelling stories from people across the world who have died or suffered adverse reactions from the covid shots.


      No More Silence

      We are a fast-growing group who have been affected in many different ways by the Covid-19 Vaccine implementation. We are NOT anti-vax and we are NOT conspiracy theorists. In fact, all the victims represented within this platform took the Vaccine thinking they were doing the right thing within the fight against Covid-19. We are however pro informed-choice, pro consent, pro science and strongly anti-coercion. We also wish to bring into question the reasoning and strategy behind the inordinate levels of censorship surrounding ANY factually correct negative Covid-19 Vaccine news, especially within the mainstream media and social media platforms.

      We Want To Be Heard!

    • Chris
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      Read about the recent FDA decision to recommend that Pfizer “to amend its Emergency Use Authorization for its COVID vaccine for children 5 through 11 years old, despite a host of objections from scientists and physicians.” See some highlights below.

      Experts raised concerns over the lack of safety and efficacy data presented by Pfizer for use of its COVID vaccine in younger children, and they pointed to increasing safety signals based on reports to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

      They also questioned the need to vaccinate children — whose risk of dying from COVID is “almost nil” — at all.

      According to Dr. Meryl Nass, member of the Children’s Health Defense Scientific Advisory Panel, Pfizer once again did not use all of the children who participated in the trial in their safety study.

      “Three thousand children received Pfizer’s COVID vaccine, but only 750 children were selectively included in the company’s safety analysis,” Nass said. “Studies in the 5-11 age group are essentially the same as the 12-15 group — in other words, equally brief and unsatisfying, with inadequate safety data and efficacy data, with no strong support for why this type of immuno-bridging analysis is sufficient.”

      Nass said, “All serious adverse events were considered unrelated to the vaccine.”

      Steve Kirsch, founder of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, asked the panel how they could do a risk-benefit analysis with Pfizer’s COVID vaccine if they did not know the CDC’s VAERS under-reporting factor (URF).

      Kirsch asked:

      “How can you do a risk-benefit of analysis of COVID vaccines if you don’t know the URF? This is extremely, extremely important. You have been assuming it has been one. It is not one. Using a URF of 41, which is calculated using CDC methodology, we find over 300,000 excess deaths in VAERS. If the vaccine didn’t kill these people, what did?”

      “How many Americans have to die before you pull the plug?” Kirsch asked.

      Kirsch also questioned the panel on why Maddie de Garay’s severe adverse reaction to the Pfizer vaccine, which left her paralyzed, was not reported by the company to the FDA.

      Dr. Jessica Rose, viral immunologist and biologist, told the panel EUA of biological agents requires the existence of an emergency and the nonexistence of alternate treatment.

      “There is no emergency and COVID-19 is exceedingly treatable,” Rose said.

      In a peer-reviewed study co-authored by Rose, myocarditis rates were significantly higher in people 13 to 23 years old within eight weeks of the COVID vaccine rollout.

      In 12- to15-year-olds, Rose said, reported cases of myocarditis were 19 times higher than background rates.

      “In an act of censorship, this paper has been temporarily removed and it has now been killed without criticism of the work,” Rose said, noting the timing of the removal was strange.

      Rose said tens of thousands of reports have been submitted to VAERS for children ages 0 to 18.

      Read the article: Breaking: FDA Panel Endorses Pfizer Shots for 5- to 11-Year-Olds, Experts Say Vaccine for Kids Is ‘Unnecessary, Premature and Will Do More Harm Than Good’

      See the video of Maddie de Garay: Comcast Censors Vaccine Paralyzed 13-Year-Old Girl

      Maddie de Garay volunteered for the Pfizer trial for 12–15-year-olds and received her first dose on 12/30/20 and her second dose on 1/20/21. 24-hours after her second dose she was reduced to crippling, scream-inducing pain that landed her in the emergency room.

    • Chris
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      I received the following email message from Stand Up Michigan. These women are OSHA experts, who know and understand OSHA regulations.


      Stand Up Michigan’s in-house OSHA expert, Tammy Clark, and her colleague, Kristen Meghan, have been educating Michiganders (and all U.S. citizens) for the past year on all things OSHA. They have shared videos and literature, links and social media lives for the express purpose of trying to get everyone to simply STAND UP and refuse to obey, as there is nothing legally-defensible or enforceable to obey in the first place! However, this administration has no regard for the rule of law, so they are just “saying” things in hopes that U.S. businesses will obey what they are hearing, and that employees will cave to their employers. This is nothing but an agenda of fear; they are hoping to coerce you through fear of getting into trouble. We are way past the time of worrying about getting into trouble, folks, so STAND UP and refuse to comply!

      In reality, this standard was promulagated illegally. The President of the United States does not have statutory authority to demand a regulatory agency create a new standard. In addition, OSHA does not have jurisdiction over vaccines. This belongs to the regulatory agencies of HHS and FDA.
      OSHA regulates workplace health and safety like slips, trips, falls, machine guarding, and protection from airborne hazards such as hazardous dusts and fumes, chemicals, vapors, etc. They do NOT have the authority to mandate that employees inject anything into their bodies to control hazards, as vaccines are not a control measure for a hazard. OSHA cannot legally view unvaccinated workers as a hazard.

      In order for OSHA to cite any organization for a violation of their health and safety standards, they must cite a standard that has been violated. To-date, there has been NO Covid standard created, therefore, any penalties, citations, or administrative admonishment, should be null and void.

      Any organization that has received OSHA fines over the past year, should demand a full refund of those fines, including damages, AND that your company record be expunged from the citation.

      There is so much wrong with all of this, and we cannot be afraid to stand up against it, exposing it for what it is! The cracks are beginning to show and the dominoes are beginning to fall.

      Here are a few links and videos regarding the latest OSHA news that Tammy and Kristen have worked so hard to expose over the past year.



      Make sure to watch this video:


      Learn more at https://standupmichigan.com.

    • Chris
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      Dr. Bryan Ardis continues to share information on how to save your loved ones if they end up in the hospital with covid.

      Do NOT follow the deadly hospital protocols. Do NOT give them Remdesivir OR put them on ventilators!

      This is a particularly good show, with a number of resources referenced. View the video below.

      Dr. Ardis & Ann Vandersteel on Healing Intel with Patient Advocate, Jessica Brink

      MUST WATCH!!! Find out what to do to keep your family and loved ones safe in the hospital. Learn about getting a Power of Attorney and Affidavit. Critical, live saving information!

      Learn More: https://thedrardisshow.com

      Find Patient Advocacy and Legal Resources: https://thedrardisshow.com/patient-advocacy-legal-resources

      Jessica Brink Patient Advocate Resources: https://nursewithin.com

    • Chris
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      Here is another website with the stories of real people and the adverse reactions that they have suffered from the covid shots.

      Our lives have been altered and we need help. Doctors are scrambling for answers and we are desperate for help. Help share our stories. Help our voices be heard. Help us bring together the medical community so we can receive the help we so desperately need. We are real…We are here… And we want our lives back. We are Real. Not Rare. #RealNotRare


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