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    • Chris
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      Today on Gab, President Trump posted a response to Biden’s plan to raise taxes, which will mainly benefit China, not the American people.

      Joe Biden’s radical plan to implement the largest tax hike in American history is a massive giveaway to China, and many other countries, that will send thousands of factories, millions of jobs, and trillions of dollars to these competitive Nations. The Biden plan will crush American workers and decimate U.S. manufacturing, while giving special tax privileges to outsourcers, foreign and giant multinational corporations.

      Biden promised to “build back better”—but the country he is building up, in particular, is China and other large segments of the world. Under the Biden Administration, America is once again losing the economic war with China—and Biden’s ludicrous multi-trillion dollar tax hike is a strategy for total economic surrender. Sacrificing good paying American jobs is the last thing our citizens need as our country recovers from the effects of the Global Pandemic.

      Biden’s policy would break the back of the American Worker with among the highest business tax rates in the developed world. Under Biden’s plan, if you create jobs in America, and hire American workers, you will pay MORE in taxes—but if you close down your factories in Ohio and Michigan, fire U.S. workers, and move all your production to Beijing and Shanghai, you will pay LESS. It is the exact OPPOSITE of putting America First—it is putting America LAST!

      Companies that send American jobs to China should not be rewarded by Joe Biden’s Tax Bill, they should be punished so that they keep those jobs right here in America, where they belong.

      This legislation would be among the largest self-inflicted economic wounds in history. If this monstrosity is allowed to pass, the result will be more Americans out of work, more families shattered, more factories abandoned, more industries wrecked, and more Main Streets boarded up and closed down—just like it was before I took over the presidency 4 years ago. I then set record low unemployment, with 160 million people working.

      This tax hike is a classic globalist betrayal by Joe Biden and his friends: the lobbyists will win, the special interests will win, China will win, the Washington politicians and government bureaucrats will win—but hardworking American families will lose.

      Joe Biden’s cruel and heartless attack on the American Dream must never be allowed to become Federal law. Just like our southern border went from best to worst, and is now in shambles, our economy will be destroyed!

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    • cindy
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      Yes, I am ready for a Trump Rally. Everything appears to be going to hell in a hand basket. What does this mean? This means that the situation is deteriorating rapidly. As we look around and see all the executive orders that Joe is signing into place it would be interesting to feel this way. What we are witnessing is happening by design. How much of “Building Back Better” are people going to witness and accept.

    • cindy
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      Interesting fact on the saying “hell in a handbasket”……………..

      The origin of the phrase ‘hell in a handbasket’ can be found in the practice of capturing the heads of guillotine victims in a basket, with the presumption being that these criminals would be going straight to hell for their crimes. Although the phrase is thought to have originated sometime during the 18th century, the first printed example is found in Winslow Ayer’s book on the American Civil War, The Great North-Western Conspiracy. A reprint was published in 1867’s House Documents in the U.S. Congress: “Speaking of men who had been arrested, Judge Morris said “Some of our very best, and thousands of brave men, at this very moment in Camp Douglas, are our friends; https://www.gingersoftware.com/content/phrases/hell-in-a-handbasket/

      Either way we are holding the line line, staying the course, not giving up, continuing to build the infrastructure for “America First”. Putting “America First” or “Me First” has nothing to do with being selfish. Instead it has everything to do with being “responsible for myself”.

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