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      Today, former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson announced that he has launched a think tank named the American Cornerstone Institute.

      In a commentary on Real Clear Politics, Dr. Ben Carson wrote:

      I miss the days when Americans fought united for freedom and justice for all — equally. I miss when compromise, compassion, and civility were not only encouraged but celebrated, where individuals accepted the consequences of their actions, when politicians pursued the public good, not just their own good.

      My time serving as the secretary of Housing and Urban Development over the last four years taught me many things, none more important than the necessity for collaboration and mutual understanding. I saw first-hand that, when we work together as one nation, the American Dream becomes attainable for all and opportunity becomes limitless.

      It is for these reasons — and many others — that I am launching a nonprofit conservative think tank with the goal of providing common-sense solutions to some of our nation’s biggest problems. The first step in healing is to start talking to one another again.

      The American Cornerstone Institute will be dedicated to creating dialogue and smart discourse. ACI will focus on promoting and preserving individual and religious liberty, helping our country’s most vulnerable find new hope, and developing methods to maximize government’s efficiency and effectiveness to best serve all our nation’s citizens.

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      American Cornerstone Institute

      American Cornerstone Institute
      “Dr. Carson is ensuring there is an organization fighting for the principles that have guided him through life, and that make this country great: Faith, Liberty, Community, and Life.”

      View the video and learn more at the website: https://www.americancornerstone.org

      “We are a compassionate nation, the greatest civic experiment in history, the world’s guiding light of freedom and opportunity.” —Dr. Ben Carson

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