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    • Chris
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      I watched an interesting video clip from Steve Bannon’s show War Room. Dan Schultz, the guest on his show, offers a way for people to get involved to take back our country. Steve calls it “a course on personal, political empowerment.”

      View the video Precinct Committeeman Tutorial below.

      Become a Precinct Committeeman

      Want to know how to take over the RINO Republican Party with true Conservative Patriots? Watch Dan Schultz explain how easy it is, how inexpensive it is, and how just a once-a-month commitment can SAVE OUR REPUBLIC.

      The REAL POWER in the party is at your local Precinct Committee. There are 400,000 slots in the GOP Committee Chairman organization and only HALF ARE FULL. That means 200,000 positions of REAL POLTICAL POWER — choosing who gets to run for political office in the party — are there for the taking. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS VOLUNTEER.

      According to Dan Schultz:

      In a nutshell, this is what every conservative — including you, dear reader — needs to do ASAP:

      1. Contact your county Republican Party Committee, find out when and where it or your local district Party Committee meets (terminology varies from state to state), and attend the meeting.

      2. Introduce yourself. Be friendly, polite, and low key. The current officers may be wary of outsiders. Ask if a vacant precinct committeeman position exists for your precinct and volunteer to be appointed to fill it. If no vacancy currently exists (extremely unlikely), volunteer to be a “helper” for the existing precinct committeemen.

      3. Ask for a copy of the precinct committeeman handbook of your state party committee and study it and learn how to run for precinct committeeman in the next election for these positions.

      Precinct committeemen are today’s political Minutemen. Can you at least give this a try? I guarantee you’ll find the experience very interesting and rewarding and you’ll meet a lot of interesting Republicans. And take along with you every conservative you know. Precinct committeemen are the “elite” of the political parties – parties do not exist without them and fewer than one in one hundred political party members can be a voting member of the party.

      Learn more on Dan’s website: https://theprecinctproject.wordpress.com.

      What do you think, Patriots? Do you want to give this a try? It seems pretty simple.

      “I have no fear that the result of our experiment will be that men may be trusted to govern themselves without a master.” —Thomas Jefferson

    • cindy
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      Who wants to be a precinct committeeman or committeewoman with me? Respond to this forum request. Let’s make it happen.

      • CTruth
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        I will join you in becoming a precinct person! I am not in your area, but we can compare notes and determine the best way to make it happen!!

      • CTruth
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        This message was posted on Gab recently, and it speaks to what We The People need to do NOW.

        A Message from Sidney Powell

        Everyone—every good American—right now must get involved in the political activities in your cities and towns and counties. No more waiting for anyone else to do it. Get a group of at least 10 people together and go to EVERY county commissioners meeting, every city council meeting, every school board meeting. Make your voices heard. Speak up and out. Turn off the TV and take an active role in your own community. Begin identifying people right NOW to run for every office in each of the next elections. We must return to a CITIZEN government and vote out all the lifelong politicians. Start recall petitions on the bad governors, and support us if you can at DefendingTheRepublic.org. We are establishing a charitable organization and a SUPERPAC to represent the 80 million people who just had their votes for Trump and FREEDOM suppressed by massive voter fraud. Thank you! — Sidney



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