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    • Chris
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      President Trump called into Fox News Primetime with Maria Bartiromo tonight.

      Listen to the full interview below. Note that in the first 50 seconds, there is no sound. However, this video shows the complete interview. The video on the Fox New Channel is only a portion of the interview.

      President Donald Trump Live

      President Trump interview with Maria Bartiromo


      we haven't finished yet Trump

    • cindy
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      My question is whether this is even President Trump? How do we know? It could be a recording or a computer generated voice recording. Anything is possible and I would not put Fox News or any main stream media past doing something this contrived.

      However, I did receive a text from winred.com asking if I would be watching President Trump. I just did some research on winred.com.

      win red

      Winred is the official secure payments technology designed to help GOP candidates and committees win across the U.S. Some of the candidates listed are Mitch McConnell, Dan Crenshaw, etc. I am not sure of the allegiance of winred.com.

      Either way there are weird things happening and one must keep their head on a swivel.

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