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    • Chris
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      We The People know that this impeachment trial against President Trump is nothing but a sham. It is certainly not constitutional, and there is no high crime or misdemeanor that President Trump has committed.

      From The Epoch Times:

      The impeachment effort against former President Donald Trump is nothing more than “performance art,” similar to public shaming methods used by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) during the country’s Cultural Revolution, according to historian Victor Davis Hanson.

      “When you impeach a president, you only need 51 percent of the vote of the House. And it’s much easier to do than to convict a president. So once those impeachment indictments are established, the speaker takes them over and hands them to the Senate,” Hanson, senior fellow at the Stanford University-based think tank Hoover Institution told The Epoch Times’ “American Thought Leaders.”

      “And then that becomes the trial, like a modern trial, and that requires a two-thirds majority, 66 senators to convict a president, something we’ve never done. And we’re not going to do it. We didn’t do it in January of 2020. And we’re not going to do it in February of 2021. And that’s known in advance.

      “So that tells you that this is performance art, it’s not a serious attempt to either remove Donald Trump during his tenure, or to ban him from office in his retirement,” Hanson said.

      “It’s like a public shaming like the Communist Party used to make people wear dunce caps. That’s what it’s intended for,” he explained, referring to the public humiliation method forced upon victims of China’s Cultural Revolution of 1966 to 1976.

      Read the article:
      Trump Impeachment Is ‘Performance Art,’ Similar to CCP’s Public Shaming Methods: Historian

      Dinesh D’Souza calls it the impeachment circus!

      View the video: Here’s the Key to Understanding This Impeachment Circus

      Dinesh D'Souza


      Dinesh says: “The key to understanding the Senate Impeachment Trial is the Freudian idea of projection. The Democrats project onto Trump the incitement to violence, the defense of violence and the protection of the violent that is the established trademark of the Democratic Left.”


      Meanwhile, Lin Wood continues to STAND UP for TRUTH and FREEDOM! He reminds us: 


      We the People exercise our power Lin Wood

    • CTruth
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      President Trump did not incite any violence…just more of the democrats fake narrative, pure propaganda and lies, as usual!

      View the OANN video of the evidence: Trump Legal Team Makes Chilling Argument, Democrats Silent

    • cindy
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      When reading the book, “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu, one of the main tenets in war is the following; “appear weak when you are strong”. This whole impeachment trial is designed to make President Trump look weak, when in actuality he was never stronger, more loved, more respected and with increasing numbers. After all, it is the “Art of the Deal” by Donald J Trump.

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