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      On Monday, Mike Lindell launched his new social media platform called Frank. He also released his film Absolute Interference: The Sequel to Absolute Proof With New Evidence Foreign and Domestic Enemies Used Computers to Hack the 2020 Election. See the highlights, articles, and video below.

      MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell launched a new social media platform, “Frank,” on Monday morning, but users aren’t yet able to set up profiles to interact on the platform.

      “Frank was attacked, it’s the biggest attack in history next to the election,“ Lindell said in the livestream, suggesting that the platform is facing cyberattacks “from all over the world.”

      Lindell made the remarks as he is holding a 48-hour live stream as a “backup plan.” The livestream had around 15 million views at around noon, increasing to about 90 million at 10 p.m., Lindell said.

      Frank, also known as Frank Speech, is described to be a mix of YouTube and Twitter.

      The core idea of the platform is to uphold free speech, based on the original founding principles of the Judeo-Christian worldview, according to Lindell. During the livestream, Lindell talked about how the United States was founded as a constitutional republic that is in accord with the laws of the divine.

      Profanities and using God’s name in vain will not be allowed on the platform. Death threats and pornography are also banned.

      Read the articles:
      Mike Lindell’s New Social Media Platform Attacked After Launch

      MyPillow Lindell’s Free-Speech Social Media Platform ‘Frank’ to Launch Monday – But No Swear Words

      Frank speech platform Mike Lindell

      Learn more about Frank, the Voice of Free Speech: https://www.frankspeech.com


      Right Side Broadcasting Network posted the film Absolute Interference on Rumble. Click on the link or image below to watch it.


      Absolute Interference

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      Have you watched these election fraud videos produced by Mike Lindell? It’s truly sad that people cannot wake up to the TRUTH, even when it is in front of them.

      My whole family is like this and so are all of the people that I currently work with. It’s quite disheartening!

      I am inspired, however, when I see President Trump and hear him assure us that THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! View the video below as he talks with a crowd at the Mar-a-Lago.

      President Trump Promises Mar-a-Lago Crowd: What Happened in 2020 Will Never Happen Again

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