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      I received an email from Aaron Levisay, who is the Sioux Falls coordinator for local people who are concerned about the direction the country is headed. I found the email to be inspiring and want to share some excerpts with you. At the conclusion is a link to the complete email.

      Aaron’s email is in response to the Sioux Falls school board election which did not end up with the results many were hoping. This is where time, patience and perseverance come in to the picture.

      He encouraged people to read the following article or listen to the video that is embedded in the article.

      The Price of Virtue Signaling Is Getting Higher

      Then Aaron shared his summary of the above article.

      “Some Republican activists will claim they need our votes in the 2022 midterms before anything can be done. These people are scam artists; Democrats never tell their constituents that winning national elections is the only way to get things done. When they want something done, they do it at the local level first and then move up. Democrats, for example, invented the sanctuary city before they invented open borders.”

      Read the entire email by following the link below. It is a must.


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