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    • Chris
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      General Michael Flynn gave an hour long interview recently to Jamie Glazov. He believes that the TRUTH will come out regarding the 2020 election.

      General Flynn assures us: There are many people fighting this good fight.

      View the video interview below.

      General Michael Flynn Tells His Story

      General Michael Flynn


      General Flynn also discusses his work with veterans, and how veterans are the bedrock of this country.

      Learn more about The Journey Home Project, which was started by Charlie Daniels.

      General Flynn is the author of The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies.

      The Field of Fight by Michael Flynn

      To help Sidney Powell, General Flynn, and others who are working to defend this country, go to https://defendingtherepublic.org.

      Defending the Republic

    • cindy
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      Thank you Chris for reminding me about Defending the Republic. The landing page has quite the quote. Hits you right in the heart.

      A Republic if you can keep it

      A Republic if you can keep it: The story

      An excerpt from The 1776 Report pg 2:The 1776 Report

      In other respects, however, the United States is
      unusual. It is a republic; that is to say, its government
      was designed to be directed by the will of the people
      rather than the wishes of a single individual or a narrow
      class of elites. Republicanism is an ancient form of
      government but one uncommon throughout history, in
      part because of its fragility, which has tended to make
      republics short-lived. Contemporary Americans tend to
      forget how historically rare republicanism has been, in
      part because of the success of republicanism in our
      time, which is derived in no small part from the very
      example and success of America.

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