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      Today, President Trump’s attorneys responded to a request for him to testify at the upcoming unconstitutional impeachment trial.

      Trump senior advisor Jason Miller has indicated that the former president will not testify during the upcoming Senate impeachment trial.

      “The President will not testify in an unconstitutional proceeding,” Miller told Fox News on Thursday.

      Attorneys for the former president fired back on Thursday following Lead Impeachment Manager Rep. Jamie Raskin’s letter calling for Trump to testify before or during the trial.

      Read the articles:

      Trump ‘Will Not Testify in an Unconstitutional Proceeding’ Jason Miller says

      Trump Lawyers Dismiss Request for Former President to Testify During Impeachment Trial

      The Office of Donald J Trump also released the letter from his attorneys on the @realdonaldtrump account on Gab. This account was originally a feed of all of President Trump’s past Tweets.

      However, today a new post appeared with the image below on https://gab.com/realdonaldtrump:

      Trump response to Raskin


      The Impeachment Sham and the Charge of Insurrection

      Trump was impeached on Jan. 13 as lawmakers alleged he incited an insurrection. They cited a portion of his speech where he urged supporters to “fight like hell.” Trump has defended the speech, and Miller noted Trump also told supporters to go to the Capitol “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

      People should know from his record that “he’s the most pro-law and order president ever, that he deplores any sort of mob violence, especially after this summer,” Miller added.

      “This is where the Democrats I believe are so triggered and so obsessed with President Trump, that they’re willing to ignore just basic evidence that’s right in front of us. Since Jan. 6th, we’ve seen from the public reports from the police and the FBI and all sorts of other outlets that much of this planning was done well in advance,” he said.

      Read the article:
      Trump Impeachment Defense to Display Timeline, Images From Capitol Storming at Trial

      In an op-ed for The Hill, Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz writes:

      The brief filed by the House managers advocating for the conviction and disqualification of citizen Donald Trump contains an attack on freedom of speech for all Americans. It declares that “the First Amendment does not apply at all to impeachment proceedings,” despite the express language of the First Amendment that prohibits Congress from making any law, or presumably taking other action, that curbs freedom of speech.

      The brief is based on a flawed reading of history and the role of freedom of speech in governance. Its section on freedom of speech begins with a sentence which reveals its fundamental error as it claims that the “First Amendment exists to promote our democratic system.” This idea surely would have surprised the framers of the First Amendment, who believed in freedom of speech but not so much in democracy. The framers of our constitutional system thought they were building a republic with limited suffrage and many checks on democracy in the United States.

      Read the article:
      The House Impeachment Brief Endangers Freedom of Speech

      George News also posted the following White House Archived video, as a reminder:

      President Donald J. Trump: “Our Best Days Are Yet to Come”

    • CTruth
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      President Trump has fought for We The People since his first day in office. He has NEVER given up, and he will continue to fight for the United States of America!

      Corrupt mainstream media and traitors in government have lied and continue to lie about him.

      Joe Hoft sums it up quite well in the article below:

      Never was the media transparent about all President Trump gave up to save the country. In addition, President Trump was spied on by members and holdovers of the Obama Administration. He was lied to. He and his team were set up and arrested on bogus charges. They were slandered by the corrupt and evil Big Media every minute of every day and censored by Big Tech.

      But President Trump kept moving forward and doing all he could for the country. It would have been amazing if the other politicians in Washington DC and around the country worked with him, but instead they joined forces to block him and prevent him from making Americans’ lives better. Despite all this, President Trump did more for America than arguably any President in US history.

      While Selflessly Donating His $400,000 Annual Salary Over Four Years to Various Charities – President Trump Lost $2 Billion in Wealth Saving the Country

      It’s time to STAND UP for TRUTH and LIBERTY! It’s time to support President Trump and ALL that he has done for this country!!

    • cindy
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      Amen. It is time to STAND UP for TRUTH and LIBERTY! If not now, then when dear citizen.

      Trump’s attorney states the following, “There is no such thing as a negative inference in this unconstitutional proceeding.” President Trump is leading by example. If something is unconstitutional, STAND UP. Do not acquiesce to a mandate, ordinance, suggesting, guidance, etc. that is unconstitutional.

      The attorney closes the letter in saying, “The use of the constitution to bring about a purported impeachment hearing is much too serious to try and play these games.” This is an example of defiance or righteous anger. Just say NO.

      My take away. Masks, standing six feet apart, lockdowns, vaccines, etc. are unconstitutional and I am not going to play these games. So just, “NO”. Repeat after me, “NO”.

      Cindy Konopasek and I approve this message.

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