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      Mark Levin is a lawyer, a constitutional expert, and host of Life, Liberty & Levin. He has seen enough with this impeachment trial sham and tells it like he sees it! He asks: “Has there ever been this many stupid members of Congress?”

      View the video clip below:

      Mark Levin Goes Off Over Impeachment Trial: ‘One Of The Stupidest Events’ in US History

      Mark Levin impeachment sham

      Mark proclaims: “Every single video that was introduced by Raskin….is inadmissible in any court in America….
      Where is the evidence? There is no evidence!”

      Donald Trump, Jr. also weighed in:

      The Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump may have the reverse effect, said his son Donald Trump Jr.., claiming that House Democrats’ tone may turn people away.

      “It’s vindictive; they are trying to tar and feather someone after the fact. And it’s only making Trump more powerful because people are starting to see how ridiculous it is,” he said, reported the Washington Examiner on Thursday….

      He added, “If political speech, certainly one like my father gave, is used as the metric by which to judge if someone is creating an insurrection, I mean, you literally would not have a congressman, congresswoman, senator, governor, state representative, or a [expletive] dog catcher left in America that wouldn’t be in the Gulag. It’s ridiculous.”

      Read the article:
      Donald Trump Jr: Impeachment Trial Making Trump Stronger

      A Tribute From One America News Network:

      “Despite endless lies and attacks from Democrats and the mainstream media, President Trump has fought hard for our country over the last four years. OAN would like to share a brief tribute to his accomplishments from a man named Harrison Hill Smith.”

      View the video below:

      Tribute To President Trump By Harrison Hill Smith

      tribute to President-Trump

      Feeling thankful for all that President Trump has done and will continue to do?
      Send him a card or letter:

      President Donald J Trump
      c/o The Mar-a-Lago Club
      1100 S Ocean Blvd
      Palm Beach, FL 33480

      We KNOW that this battle to return the government to the We The People is not over! Time to STAND UP FOR LIBERTY!!

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