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      On Tuesday, Governor Kristi Noem signed an executive order banning vaccine passports.

      “I encourage all South Dakotans to get vaccinated against COVID-19, but we are not going to mandate any such activity. And we are not going to restrict South Dakotans’ exercise of their freedoms with un-American policies like vaccine passports. In our state, ‘Under God, the people rule.’ And that is how we will operate for as long as I am governor.”

      Discussions are taking place on requiring such proof at various venues, which would be “discriminatory treatment” against people who haven’t gotten COVID-19 vaccines, Noem’s three-page order states.

      “Any rationale for imposing public health restrictions that limit freedoms should be tailored to mitigate a verifiable, scientific risk,” it said. “Implementing a vaccine passport program could lead to unjustified, non-science-based restrictions on travel, speech, association, and other civil rights.”

      The order bars state agencies, departments, boards, commissions, and other entities or officials under the governor’s control from requiring a person to present a COVID-19 vaccine passport in order to enter a government building, receive a government benefit, or do business with the government.

      The same entities are barred from requiring that private businesses mandate a passport.

      In addition, local governments are advised not to require or order businesses to require proof of vaccination.

      The order provides clear exemptions for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and long-term care facilities.

      Read the articles:
      South Dakota’s Noem Bans Vaccine Passports

      Gov. Noem Bans ‘Vaccine Passports’ in South Dakota

      Read the Executive Order here: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/20685590-south-dakota-ban-of-vaccine-passports

      vaccine threatened to take it

      Read a related article:

      Gov. Kristi Noem is asking the South Dakota Athletic Commission to immediately rescind its requirement that sports participants provide proof they are vaccinated for COVID-19.

      In a letter to commission chairman Michael Kilmer, Noem wrote that requiring proof of a vaccination would eliminate South Dakotans’ ability to “make reasonable decisions on their own health while they participate in activities in our communities.”

      Noem’s executive order does not apply to private businesses, with the exception of nursing homes and long-term care facilities. It also prohibits local governments from requiring private businesses to show proof of vaccines in order to do business with local government.

      Noem Asks S.D. Athletic Commission to Rescind Vaccine Requirement

      What Are Executive Orders and What Do They Really Mean?

      According to the SD Secretary of State website:
      “Executive orders as issued by the Governor are not laws, but do have the same binding nature. Executive orders are usually based on existing constitutional or statutory powers of the Governor and do not require any action by the state legislature to take effect. They are used to detail the operations and organization of government, such as a Governor reorganizing government, or declaring administrative leave for the day after Thanksgiving.”


      South Dakota Constitution

      In the SD Constitution, the only place Executive Orders are referenced is on page 21:

      “Except as to elected constitutional officers, the Governor may make such changes in the organization of offices, boards, commissions, agencies and instrumentalities, and in allocation of their functions, powers and duties, as he considers necessary for efficient administration. If such changes affect existing law, they shall be set forth in executive orders, which shall be submitted to the Legislature within five legislative days after it convenes, and shall become effective, and shall have the force of law, within ninety days after submission, unless disapproved by a resolution concurred in by a majority of all the members of either house.”


      Note: Peggy Hall, who has done a lot of research, has stated that Executive Orders ONLY apply to the Executive Branch; they are not public orders. Learn more at: https://www.thehealthyamerican.org

      Do your own research on Executive Orders and make up your own mind.

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    • cindy
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      It appears that the term “executive order” has been blindly accepted by the citizens of this country. Take the time to refer to the South Dakota Constitution and see for yourself that the term “executive order” is only in the Constitution one time. Check it out. Really. You can do it. You really should. Take a peek. I did.

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