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    • Chris
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      This is no April Fool’s joke! Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is introducing bills to stop Dr. Fauci and the vaccine passports. Read the highlights below.

      Marjorie Taylor Greene introduces bills

      Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on Thursday said she is introducing a bill to strip Dr. Anthony Fauci of his government salary.

      In a press release Greene posted on Twitter, the controversial Georgia Republican said her “Fire Fauci Act” would decrease “Dr. Always Wrong’s pay to $0 and the ‘We Will Not Comply Act’ will ‘prevent discrimination against the unvaccinated.'”

      Greene said the Fire Fauci Act will:

      • Remind the American public that Dr. Fauci is the highest paid ($434,312) of all 4 million federal employees, including the president.
      • Cite numerous findings about Dr. Fauci’s evolving and contradictory advice on COVID-19.
      • Reduce Dr. Fauci’s salary to $0 until a new NIAID administrator is confirmed by the Senate.
      • Direct the Government Accounting Office to conduct a study about the correspondence, financials, and policy memos inside the NIAID before COVID through the end of this year. This will allow us to see what Fauci and the NIAID knew, when they knew it, what they spent money on, and how the agency responded to the virus.

      Read the article:
      GOP Rep. Greene introduces bill to cut Fauci’s $400,000 salary to zero until he is replaced


      Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) introduced a proposal on April 1 that would ban COVID-19 vaccination mandates as well as so-called vaccine passports.

      The We Will Not Comply Act would ban documents that show who has been vaccinated or recently tested negative for the CCP virus. The concept of requiring certification has been rejected by pro-privacy groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

      Greene’s measure likely won’t be taken up by the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, and if it is, it will be unlikely to pass. It would “prevent any business engaged in interstate commerce from discriminating against a person based on their COVID-19 vaccine status,” cut off federal funding for a vaccine mandate on employees, a vaccine mandate for students attending schools, and mandates on organizations or sport—or “any person who expresses religious objection,” according to a statement from her office.

      It would also prohibit the government from requiring a CCP virus vaccine to get a U.S. passport and “prevent Airline companies from denying someone from flying based on their COVID-19 vaccination status,” as well as “create the ability to sue if a person has been discriminated against on the basis of their vaccination status or mask compliance,” her office wrote.

      Read the articles:
      Rep. Greene Introduces Proposal to Bar ‘Vaccine Passports’

      MTG Announces Legislation To Fire Fauci And Ban Vaccine Passports


      In Related News:
      View the video below of One America News Network’s Caitlin Sinclair interviewing Peter Breggin, MD.

      Doctor Explains Why Vaccine Passports Are Dangerous

      vaccine passports are dangerous

      Others Stand Up Against Vaccine Passports:

      Gov. Ron DeSantis Announces Executive Action Against Vaccine Passports in Florida

      Rep. Murphy Rips Vaccine Passports, Accuses Dems of Wanting ‘Police State’

      Henry McMaster against vaccine passports

      my vaccine passport is the Constitution

      Will You Stand Up for Liberty?

    • cindy
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      Yes the Constitution is the only passport we should need in the united States of America. (United is not capitalized on purpose) If we Americans were familiar with the contents of the Constitution like we know the football and basketball teams, both professional and collegiate, we would not be in this predicament.

      What is the predicament? Our natural born rights are being attacked and we, the citizens of the united States of America, are allowing this to happen. Because we do not comprehend the truth and power of our rights. People don’t want to offend others or because of peer pressure they are staying silent. When it comes to our natural born rights, supported by the Constitution, I will not be silent and I will offend people, because someone is offending my rights. If you do not Stand Up For Liberty, then you have given up having a voice.

      • CTruth
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        Thank you for posting this response, Cindy. You are right on!

        And, I would add:

        Silence Is Consent

        Perhaps you may also want to consider this quote by MLK Jr.

        “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.” — Martin Luther King Jr.

        Sermon at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, April 30, 1967

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