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    • Chris
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      On March 5, President Trump endorsed three more candidates: Governor Henry McMaster, Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin, and Senator Mike Crapo. See the endorsements below.

      President Trump endorsement of Henry McMaster

      President Trump endorsement of Tim Griffin

      President Trump endorsement of Mike Crapo

      In Related News:

      Former President Donald Trump sent cease-and-desist letters demanding that Republican National Committee (RNC), the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), and the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) stop using his name and likeness to raise funds, a Trump adviser told The Epoch Times.

      In a speech before the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando on Feb. 28, Trump instructed supporters to donate to his campaign website and the Save America political action committee (PAC). The move suggested Trump aims to build financial leverage over the RNC, a theory that seems to gain credence because of the cease-and-desist letters.

      Read the articles:
      Trump Presses GOP Entities to Stop Using His Name, Likeness

      President Trump Tells RNC, NRCC and NRSC Not to Use His Name, Then Announces New Set of MAGA Endorsements

      President Trump Gives Endorsements For 2022, Criticizes GOP Candidates Hurting Republican Party

      Make sure to visit President Trump’s new SAVE AMERICA PAC if you want to learn more and/or are interested in donating to this movement: https://www.donaldjtrump.com

      President Trump - Together we will write the great American story

    • cindy
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      President Trump has expressed that he is not interested in third party. So this is interesting that he is calling out the RNC to discontinue using his name.

      The RNC is just as swampy as the Democrat party. Drain it all. I am not into being part of any party, especially ones that have a sordid and corrupt past.

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