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      In response to the crisis at the border, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced the “Protect America First Act.” View the video below.

      Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces ‘Protect America First Act’ Amid Biden Border Crisis


      Protect America First Act OANN


      Section 2. Purpose of the Protect America First Act
      It is the purpose of this Act to:

      • cease all foreign immigration to the United States for a period of four years until the border is secured and Americans can return to work.

      Further purposes:

      • to repeal certain executive orders which endanger the security of the United States,
      • re-assert a zero-tolerance immigration policy,
      • ensure the safe return of unaccompanied alien children,
      • reduce human trafficking, deport criminal aliens, and
      • end chain migration

      Read or download the complete Protect America First Act here.

      “I’m so proud to introduce the strongest immigration legislation that this Congress has seen in one big package and I’m really excited to tell people about it,” Greene told host Todd Starnes.

      “Protect America First Act is exactly what we need. It’s policies that we’re familiar with from President Trump but it’s also policies that we needed to see coming out of Congress in the past four years,” she explained.

      The bill implements a 4-year immigration moratorium.

      “We need to stop the madness coming across the border and that’s exactly what this bill does. It reduces waiting periods for the removal of aliens from 90 days down to 30 days,” she said.

      The act would end all federal funding for sanctuary cities, which she called treasonous for “providing aid and comfort to enemies of America.”

      Greene said the bill “also empowers law enforcement to ensure immigration security is provided and it allows law enforcement to do their job and help ICE.”

      In addition to undoing Biden’s immigration orders, which he failed to address Thursday night, Greene’s bill would authorize $22 billion to complete the border wall within 30 days of enactment.

      Listen to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s brief interview on The Todd Starnes Show:
      Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Details Bill to Defund “Treasonous” Sanctuary Cities

      Greene encourages us all to contact our legislators to sign on as co-sponsors and support this bill.

      Marjorie Taylor Greene Stands Up To Biden – Introduces “Protect America First Act” To End Biden’s Border Crisis

      In Related News:

      Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has rapidly become one of the most ardent supporters of MAGA policy and political perspectives in Washington DC. She is opposed by all the correct enemies as to reflect how the UniParty politicians consider her a risk to the DC system.

      MTG succinctly discusses how the Republicans failed to support the MAGA agenda after President Trump was elected; republicans controlled both the House and the Senate chambers yet they did nothing. MTG is also one of the few voices who understands how DC is a business model, an economic system and industry that is supported by the politicians within it; and she is willing to call them out. A very rare breed….

      View the video and article below.

      Marjorie Taylor Greene on War Room


      Nails It, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene Discusses The UniParty Process in Washington DC as an Economic System

      In this interview, Marjorie Taylor Greene brilliantly explains DC politics as a business, and how she is trying to stop the DC swamp from destroying our country and our freedom. Marjorie describes herself as an everyday American woman who runs a construction company and is raising three children with her husband. She says she never wanted to be involved with politics. However, she saw how the Republicans failed the American people when President Trump was in office. She ran for office because she wants a better world for her children and grandchildren.

      “If there is anything that links the human with the divine, it is the courage to stand by a principle when everybody else rejects it.” —President Abraham Lincoln

      Will You Stand Up For Liberty?
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      Marjorie Taylor Greene connected with President Trump when she heard him speak the first time in a primary. She said, “He wasn’t running as a politician, but as a businessman…America First policies. Why do we want to send tax dollars to other foreign countries? We should be focused on things here at home.”

      a MErica FIRST

      I liken it to instructions given at the beginning of a flight When introducing the air mask, the attendant says “when the masks drops down, place it on yourself first and then on your children.” Notice to help others it is necessary to take care of yourself first, so that you are in a position to help others you love. This is a principle I live by and it is working splendidly.

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