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    • Chris
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      Republicans who voted to impeach President Trump and betrayed We The People in certifying an unlawful and fraudulent election process are feeling the consequences of their actions.

      The silent majority is silent no longer. No matter how you try to censor us and the TRUTH, we will continue to speak out!

      Read the articles:

      Payback: Republicans Who Backed Trump Impeachment Face Rising Rebuke, Including Censure

      Join the effort to find a candidate to run against John Thune: Primary John Thune in 2022.

      Arizona Governor After Censure Vote: State Party Should ‘Focus On Winning Races’

      Democrats are also feeling the heat from We The People, after their unconstitutional and unlawful covid restrictions.

      Recall Gov. Newsom Calls Grow Louder, Calif. Dems Join In

      Is Karma Coming Calling for Killer Cuomo?

      Leftists Must Be Punished At The Ballot Box For Their COVID-19 Hypocrisy

      The flagrant disregard of the rights, way of life, and very humanity of Americans in response to this virus should not — and will not — be soon forgotten. For those of us who push back on seemingly innocuous mask mandates, it’s not for the mask itself, but because the government is using this all as a tool.

      Those responsible for the destruction will be held accountable at the ballot box and in public memory for every shuttered business, stunted education, debilitating mental illness developed, missed cancer diagnosis, and livelihood lost.

      Justice demands it.


      It’s time to hold ALL of these people accountable for their actions against We The People.


      freedom supporters Trump

    • cindy
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      As I the article “Primary Thune”, https://www.facebook.com/groups/4375927919089227/, I read the comment section below. One interesting comment was as follows:

      “My daughter and family were in Paris the day the vote on the Wall was being taken in DC. She talked to John Thune at the Louvre after they recognized each other. Imagine that. Thune should have been on the job in DC voting on the critical Wall issue but rather decided to take a vacation on our tab instead.”

      If this is true, it certainly doesn’t appear John Thune is interested in representing the people of South Dakota. It is time. Primary Thune. My vision is that John Thune has an indictment with his name on it.

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