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      Today, I watched a video interview on American Thought Leaders by The Epoch Times. It is a powerful video that illuminates two principles: The POWER of ONE and Anything Is Possible.

      Mary Daniel, the woman being interviewed, will not take no for an answer. She finds a creative way to visit her husband in an Alzheimer’s care home during the covid restrictions. She also goes on to organize a group and fight for all the people who have loved ones in places that are under lockdowns. She finds a way to get on a task force with Governor DeSantis. And she continues to fight for positive change in care and nursing homes!

      See the video and highlights below.

      ‘Isolation Kills Too’—Mary Daniel on Becoming a Dishwasher to See Her Husband; Advising Gov DeSantis

      Mary Daniel American Thought Leaders

      On March 10, 2020, Mary Daniel went to visit her husband at the Rosecastle Assisted Living and Memory Care facility like she did every evening after work. Eight years ago, he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

      What Daniel did not realize was the next day she’d be told she could not come back. She, like thousands of other Americans, could no longer visit her loved one because of lockdown measures.

      “The days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months,” Daniel said. “My fear was that… I was going to miss that window of opportunity where he knew me and knew our love.”

      Mary Daniel eventually got in as a dishwasher at her husband’s facility, and her story gained nationwide attention. Discovering thousands of Americans in similar situations, she founded the group “Caregivers for Compromise—Because Isolation Kills Too.” And Florida Governor Ron DeSantis brought her onto his task force to reopen long-term care facilities.

      Mary states: “It’s amazing how my actions, which could not be possible without the governor, have enabled literally hundreds of thousands of people to get in and be with their loved ones….I tell them all the time. I’m not special. I’m you….I’m no different than you and you’re no different than me. This is boldly advocating for our loved one so that you can look back with no regrets. That’s what this is, and you can do it, too. And they have!”

      Here is information on Caregivers for Compromise – because isolation kills too: https://caregivers4compromise.com

      A bill has also been introduced into Congress to address this issue at the federal level.
      H.R.2114 – To amend titles XVIII and XIX of the Social Security Act to require skilled nursing facilities, nursing facilities, and intermediate care facilities for the intellectually disabled to permit certain essential caregiver visitors during a public health emergency under the Medicare and Medicaid programs. View the bill here.

      We The People are the power

      All it takes is one person to stand up…and others will join you!

      Will you STAND UP for LIBERTY?

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