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      It is time for people to stand up and speak out at their local school board, city council, and other local meetings! We need to show up in numbers to demand that these unconstitutional and unlawful restrictions be removed. This is why it is important to find other like-minded people to stand up with: https://standupforliberty.com/other-resources/south-dakota-groups.

      The two Mama Bears who created Freedom Over Fear in Iowa spoke at The Uncensored Truth Tour that I attended. These moms were persistent and would not stop until the mask requirements were dropped! Their local efforts also reached the national stage.

      In fact, America’s Future honored them as the first recipient of its Fearless Fighters for American Values Award. See the highlights below.

      “May God bless these great heroes!” exclaimed General Flynn. “Emily and Kimberly exemplify the essence of patriotism and strength for the tireless work they do, fighting in the trenches for children and families and this great nation. We proudly recognize their efforts with America’s Future’s first annual Fearless Fighters for American Values award.”

      Kimberly and Emily started their campaign in March of this year when their young daughters were forced to wear masks in the classroom by overbearing government mandates. Little did they realize at the time that their work would sweep across the country, inspire others to take up the torch of fighting for freedom, and lead to Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signing the “Students First Act” into law in May, immediately making it illegal to require masks in schools and prevents cities and counties from having mask mandates that affect private property.

      View the video The Iowan Mama Bears – Unmasking Iowa’s Children on the Iowans for Freedom channel.

      In this video, “Emily and Kimberly share their journey and their David and Goliath story of how they stood up to their school board in protecting their children’s health and eventually won. You can connect with the Iowan Momma Bears at http://www.facebook.com/groups/220949866136997.”

      For more information, go to: https://freedomoverfear.getccard.com.

    • Chris
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      The school boards in South Dakota are at it again…passing unconstitutional and unlawful mask “mandates.”

      The Mitchell School Board passed a mask “mandate” on August 30.

      The mandate will take effect Sept. 1 and will remain in effect until Nov. 8, at which point the board will reevaluate the situation, Olson said.

      Read the basic details of this story: Mitchell School District Reinstates Mask Mandate

      Of course, they do not tell you how many people showed up to speak out against these mask restrictions.

      On the first day of school, a number of young people at Mitchell High School were denied entry from the high school because they were not wearing masks.

      The ones who entered without masks were told that they would be suspended for three weeks if they stayed.

      In addition, teachers at the high school were granting 100% daily scores to students who came to their classes with their masks on! Really?! Awarding students for being complacent order followers?! This is pure communism!!

      See videos recorded online by Mitchell Regional 911 of the first day at Mitchell High School: https://www.facebook.com/mitchellregional911/videos/527275795035891/

      The Yankton School Board also passed a mask “mandate, despite strong objections from people who spoke at the meeting.”

      Cindy Konopasek, Co-founder of Stand Up For Liberty, spoke out against these unconstitutional restrictions:

      The next speaker, Cindy Konopasek, began by thanking the “medical people of Yankton” and then saying they were fear mongering.

      “I’d like to add, you fine people here in front (indicating the school board) are fear mongering by staying six feet apart, while the rest of us aren’t,” she said. “Why, we had Riverboat Days this past weekend — everybody shoulder to shoulder — but when it comes time to being in front of the public, to do the ‘public good,’ which we might as well call communism and socialism, we put on a face, we put on a show.”

      She reminded them that they took an oath to the federal and state constitutions, and then she read the First Amendment.

      “You do not have the right — you people that are school board members — do not have the right to create any mandate,” she said. “And it doesn’t matter if you have Avera behind you or Yankton Medical Clinic or Sanford, because you know what? Money is behind all this. It has nothing to do with the health of the children. It’s money.”

      Check out the excuse given as to why there were not more people at the meeting to support this mask mandate:

      One person who spoke for a mask mandate told the board that the reason there were not many people there to support a mandate was because the majority of the Yankton School District families trusted the school board to make the best decision for its students.

      The motion passed 4-1 with Kathy Greeneway voting against.

      Read the article: YSD OKs Modified Mask Measure

      The Moral of These Stories?
      School board members do NOT care what We The People think. They will vote as the health department and big pharma want them to. It is time to demand that these people either REPRESENT the voice of WE THE PEOPLE and honor their OATHS to the CONSTITUTION, or RESIGN!

      Here is a link to an inspiring video from a parent speaking up at a school board meeting: Saving America One Mama Bear at a time…

      How can we support these high school students in protesting these mask mandates? What can we do to shut these tyrannical school boards down?


    • Chris
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      A recent article in the Gateway Pundit featured some laws that may help We The People in taking back control of their local school boards.

      Elitist School Boards have implemented policies and curricula that go against parent values and wishes, like mask mandates and CRT. This has lead to hotly contested meetings because parents are fed up with being ignored. But now parents have a weapon of their own to take back control!

      The Government Integrity Project (GIP) has uncovered laws that give parents legal authority to mandate THEIR wishes and decisions are implemented!

      No more pleading with school board members about masks… or CRT… or DEI/J… or any other decisions that are being made against your will. Mandate what you want your school board to do via a voter-approved petition – and they have to do it!

      For more information (including petition templates), read the article: HIDDEN LAWS Enable Parents to CONTROL School Boards

      Learn more about the Government Integrity Project: https://www.governmentintegrityproject.org

    • Chris
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      Have you seen this information on the ESSER covid funding that school districts are receiving?

      Three Covid-19 Relief Funding Rounds for Schools Means Thousands of Dollars Per Pupil in Targeted Funds for Programs like Budget Challenge

      The federal Department of Education has provided three rounds of Covid-19 relief funds to K-12 schools in the form of the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funds (ESSER Funds). The first round provided roughly $13.2 billion to allow schools to purchase the necessary PPE as well as devices for students. The second round of funding (ESSER II fund), passed in December 2020, includes $54.3 billion in relief, with a minimum of 90% required to go directly to local school districts. The American Rescue Plan ESSER funds (ARP ESSER or ESSER III) totaled $122.8 billion.

      See the detailed information on this website: https://www.budgetchallenge.com/ESSERFunding.aspx

      Of course, there are a number of requirements specified in order to receive this funding. One such requirement is “Universal and correct wearing of masks.”

      More and more people are speaking out about this $$$$$ and these conflicts of interests at their school board meetings. It is TIME to STAND UP and DEMAND the TRUTH from your school board members!

      Need some inspiration? See a video of a woman challenging her school board to tell the TRUTH: https://realtimes.real.com/s/6u49ce

    • Chris
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      There are students standing up against school mask mandates across the US.

      Click on the title below to view the video of a 16-year old girl in Wyoming who refused to wear a mask at school.

      Grace Smith Resisted the Mask Mandate at Her High School in Laramie, Wyoming. She Was Arrested.

      Read the related article:
      A Wyoming High School Student Refused to Wear a Mask, so Police Locked Down the Entire School and Arrested Her

      Will You STAND UP for Students and Fight Mask Tyranny?

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