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      Once again, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene stands up for the voice of We The People. She does not back down under pressure from the corrupt politicians on both sides of the aisle.

      Below are highlights from her statement to her GOP Colleagues:

      I didn’t get voted into office by politicians, I serve The People.

      It’s unfortunate that some of my GOP colleagues, who have been in Congress a lot longer than me, don’t share the outrage that Republican voters feel about the Democrat’s radical agenda!

      As if a $1.9 trillion dollar woke progressive spending spree with only 9% to covid isn’t enough.

      Dems destroying women’s rights and sports, wiping out religious freedoms, defunding the police, HR1, and erasing gender completely, doesn’t seem to be enough to make some of my GOP colleagues feel like they can actually stand up out of a chair and walk to go vote for a motion to adjourn.

      Sure I understand that the swamp operates a certain way and everyone is frustrated with me that I just don’t dive right off the high dive and plunge right into the murky disgusting slime and just do as I’m told.

      But I should remind everyone I wasn’t recruited by “those in charge” to run for Congress. I ran because I’m very much one of those Neanderthal Deplorable Invisible Taxpaying Regular People.

      In spite of having President Trump who wanted to sign into law so many good things that R voters desperately wanted, our Republican Congress failed and that’s why they lost the House in 2018.

      But so many of these Republicans still don’t seem to get it.

      The House took back seats in 2020 and nearly won the majority BECAUSE OF PRESIDENT TRUMP AND AMERICA FIRST POLICIES!

      Why do you think Republican voters love Trump?


      He didn’t join the swamp to do business as usual that doesn’t work!

      Read her full statement: Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene Has a Message for GOP Peers in Congress

      See Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene in action in the video clip below.

      Marjorie Taylor Greene


      In related news:
      Michelle Malkin on Sovereign Nation:
      “Donald Trump won the heart and soul of the Republican party, Michelle says, and his influence will continue to lead the party into the future and away from ‘RINOs.'”

      View the video below to see Michelle’s commentary.
      For Years to Come… | Michelle Malkin

      Michelle Malkin Sovereign Nation

      We need strong Patriots to Stand Up For Liberty. Will you be one of them?!
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