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      Despite all the nonstop lies about Donald J Trump cashing in on his presidency, the TRUTH has finally come out. Read the highlights and articles below.

      A new financial report confirmed President Trump’s assertion that not only did he not profit off the presidency, but actually grew less wealthy as a result of his service to the American people.

      This is according to estimates by Forbes published in their annual billionaires list on Tuesday. Forbes assessed his net worth at $2.4 billion, down from $3.5 billion in 2017 at the onset of the Trump administration.

      Despite four years of accusations from the left that President Trump was enriching himself from the White House, his time in office actually cost him about 32 percent of his total wealth. This, confirming the truth behind his numerous statements on the matter.

      Keeping one of his earliest campaign promises, President Trump donated the totality of his salary, set at $400,000 a year, or $1.6 million over four years, to various government agencies throughout his presidency.

      His first quarterly donation was in the amount of $78,333, which Forbes estimated were his post tax earnings, which was topped off by an “anonymous” donor to a total of $100,000. This is the same amount President Trump donated every other quarter of his presidency, suggesting he was not only not taking in a salary, but dipping into his own private funds to pay taxes on that salary, and then donating the pre-tax amount back.

      Yet despite all those financial losses, President Trump said on repeated occasions he had no regrets over making that sacrifice for the sake of the American people.

      President Trump Did Not Profit From Market Boom He Created

      Donald Trump’s Net Worth Fell by Over $1 Billion During His Presidency

      President Trump Sets Record for Giving Up the Most Net Worth While Selflessly Serving His Country

      I support President Trump

      Lies were also posted all over the internet and social media denying the fact that while he was in office, President Trump donated his entire salary. Below is a sampling of articles of where President Trump donated his quarterly salary.

      President Trump Donates His Paycheck To the VA

      Donald Trump Donates 4Q Salary to Department of Transportation

      Trump Donates Paycheck to DHS

      President Trump Donates 3rd-Quarter Salary to Help Fight Opioid Crisis

      President Trump Donates His Quarterly Salary to Help Fight Coronavirus

    • cindy
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      Another example of where “actions speak louder than words”.

      Leading by example and restoring the Republic.

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