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    • Chris
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      Before President Trump gave his speech at CPAC, they showed two videos. I was intrigued by one video, which featured CPAC traveling and holding conferences worldwide in places like Japan, Australia, Brazil, and South Korea.

      Today, people all over the world are fighting for their FREEDOM. This is why so many people in other countries LOVE President Trump! They see him fighting for We The People in the United States of America. They see and hear him boldly state: America will NEVER be a socialist country! They see him exposing the corrupt organizations and leaders here in this country and across the world.

      I am not sure if this is the exact video that CPAC showed, but it is very similar. It is 40 minutes long and it is well worth your time to watch. It will help you to understand why so many people across the world look to the United States of America to safeguard the way to their freedom, as well.


      CPAC International -The World Is Watching


      Excerpt from The 1776 Report:

      “To be an American means something noble and good. It means treasuring freedom and embracing the vitality of self-government. We are shaped by the beauty, bounty, and wildness of our continent. We are united by the glory of our history. And we are distinguished by the American virtues of openness, honesty, optimism, determination, generosity, confidence, kindness, hard work, courage, and hope. Our principles did not create these virtues, but they laid the groundwork for them to grow and spread and forge America into the most just and glorious country in all of human history.”

      Download The 1776 Report here.

      Will you stand up for LIBERTY?!

    • cindy
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      During the Stand Up For Liberty meetings we have been reading thru the 1776 Report. I have learned so much by reading through the 4 sections.

      *The Meaning of the Declaration
      *A Constitution of Principles
      *Challenges to America’s Principles
      *The Task of National Renewal

      This report contains information to strengthen our knowledge base so we can stand strongly for our rights.

      “Law and liberty cannot rationally become the object of
      our love,” wrote founding father James Wilson, “unless
      they first become the objects of our knowledge.”
      Students who are taught to understand America’s
      exceptional principles and America’s powerful history
      grow into strong citizens who respect the rule of law
      and protect the country they know and love.

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