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    • Chris
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      The TRUTH is finally coming out….about all the lies that mainstream media, corrupt democrats, and compromised doctors and hospitals have told about hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).

      Anyone who did research and listened to the REAL doctors treating patients knew fairly early in this “plandemic” that HCQ worked, when used in early treatment.

      However, We The People were betrayed and told lie after lie about President Trump and his statement that he was taking HCQ and it may be helpful.

      View the video from One America News Network (OANN) below. There are clips of the lies that were repeatedly told.

      Mainstream Media Lies About Hydroxychloroquine Are Costing Thousands of American Lives

      Read the articles:

      How the Hydroxychloroquine Scandal Wrecked America and the World Along With It

      The article below was published on August 20, 2020, in The Federalist:
      Why Is The Media Suppressing Information About Hydroxychloroquine’s Effectiveness Against COVID?

      The article below was published on December 18, 2020, by American Greatness:
      The U.S. Media Are Suppressing the Truth about Hydroxychloroquine

      There were also numerous doctors on Twitter who were censored and their accounts removed because they asserted the effectiveness of HCQ. Vladimir Zev Zelenko, MD, was one of these people. See his website: https://www.vladimirzelenkomd.com for more information.

      The questions you need to ask: Why did they lie? And how many people died because of their lies?

      The questions I want to ask Kristi Noem are many: Why are people still dying in South Dakota if HCQ works? What ever happened with the early trials for HCQ in SD? Why is it difficult to get HCQ in South Dakota? Who is suppressing this drug and WHY? How much money have the hospitals and health centers made in this state, for all the cases that were diagnosed as covid?

      Read the article published on April 13, 2020, about the SD trials:
      South Dakota To Be First State To Conduct Hydroxychloroquine Trials

      Read the reason that the hospitals gave for abandoning the trials:
      SD hydroxychloroquine trial discontinued after new evidence

      If you want HCQ and cannot find a doctor who will prescribe it, check with the Frontline Doctors. You can set up an appointment online and they will mail you the medication.

      How Do I Get COVID-19 Medication?

      Frontline MDs with Dr. Stella Immanuel

      treat covid early with HCQ

    • cindy
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      The following is an excerpt from a letter to Ken Crow from Lora Hubbel, Sioux Falls, SD, August 26, 2020

      Who is Lora Hubbel
      -former SD District 11 State House Member
      -former Candidate for Governor of SD (Republican)
      -Current Real Estate Broker/Owner of Great American Homes, LLC
      -Residential Contractor
      -Former Biology 7-12 Teacher/college instructor
      -Registered Nurse
      Married to Dr Timothy Hubbel for 41 years with 3 grown children and 4

      “On April 2 The Governor’s Pharmacy Board declared that Hydroxychloroquine
      would NOT be used off label for Covid patients. S.D. just copied and pasted
      the narrative that was out there. South Dakota’s Pharmacy Board limiting HCQ
      (removed from the internet, see my picture) was verbatim that of Texas. Do
      you recall the uproar Texas had because they could not use HCQ? Why didn’t
      people cry out here? One doctor challenged the Covid response and
      temporarily lost her employment. No, Im not just talking Texas – that happened
      in South Dakota also.:”

      “But South Dakota got 190,000 doses of HCQ for a study to prove it’s
      usefulness, so S.D. must allow the use HCQ? No. After the Pharmacy Board
      declared that SD cannot use HCQ for Covid patients, the governor’s office
      joined in a study with our 2 socialist ObamaCare ACO hospitals. This duopoly
      of Sanford (google Sanford and Child Pornography) and Avera is almost the
      only option for care in SD (thanks to Sen Tom Daschle, Kristi Noem’s

      Truth is being released all around us. Are your eyes and ears open ready to see and hear? It is time.

      Cindy Konopasek

      • CTruth
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        So, I googled Sanford and child pornography…this man needs to be held accountable for his crimes against children…and who knows what else?!

        Below is one of the many articles I found on Denny Sanford.

        Billionaire T. Denny Sanford Was Under Investigation for Child Pornography

        “Sanford has close ties to top state and federal political figures, including Sen. John Thune, whose wife has worked for a Sanford-affiliated organization, and the state’s former attorney general and senate majority leader, both of whom now work for Sanford.”

        “Websites for Sanford organizations show the billionaire frequently interacting with kids involved in his charitable programs, visiting a small girl in a hospital bed, smiling at drawings with a schoolchild sitting in his lap and passing out candy canes to a group of kids. A newsletter for the Children’s Home Society of South Dakota, which received a record $55 million from Sanford in 2019, featured an illustration of him drawn by a child in appreciation of his support.”

      • CTruth
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        Below are the images that go with the excerpts from Laura Hubell’s letter:

        “On April 2 The Governor’s Pharmacy Board declared that Hydroxychloroquine would NOT be used off label for Covid patients. S.D. just copied and pasted the narrative that was out there. South Dakota’s Pharmacy Board limiting HCQ (removed from the internet, see my picture) was verbatim that of Texas. Do you recall the uproar Texas had because they could not use HCQ? Why didn’t people cry out here? One doctor challenged the Covid response and temporarily lost her employment. No, Im not just talking Texas – that happened in South Dakota also.:”

        See the SD Board of Pharmacy Memo banning the use of HCQ for covid patients: https://standupforliberty.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/SD-Pharmacy-Board-bans-HCQ.jpeg

        See the TX Board of Pharmacy Memo (exactly the same verbiage): https://standupforliberty.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/TX-Pharmacy-Board-bans-HCQ.jpeg

        Why didn’t people in SD STAND UP against this?! According to Lora, at least one doctor did, and temporarily lost her employment because of it.

        UPDATE: It looks like the SD Board of Pharmacy rescinded this restriction on June 5, 2020. At least, that is what their website states. Why would they rescind the HCQ restrictions on the same day as the cancelation of the HCQ trials? This makes no sense at all, unless they are trying to hide the real date this restriction was rescinded, and simply posted June 5, 2020. https://doh.sd.gov/boards/pharmacy/.

        In addition, approximately two months ago, a mother of an acquaintance of mine was told by Sioux Falls hospital staff she was not sick enough to get covid medication. This is exactly when HCQ should be administered, in the early stages.

        And, why are people here in SD still being told by their doctors that HCQ doesn’t work, or that it has serious side effects?

    • CTruth
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      People who told lies about HCQ need to be held accountable for their criminal actions, including Governor Kristi Noem!

      VIDEO: Viral Hydroxychloroquine Doctor Demands Joe Biden Apologize After Media Finally Acknowledges HCQ Works

      I urge people to contact Governor Kristi Noem and ask her:

      Why are people still dying in the state of SD when HCQ works?

      Why did Governor Noem stop the HCQ trials?

      Why did the SD Pharmacy Board stop doctors in SD from giving out HCQ to people with covid?

      How many deaths is Kristi Noem responsible for in this state?

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      • CTruth
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        I keep seeing more and more people touting the virtues of Kristi Noem. Wake up, people! This woman is another deep state puppet. She supports her deep state puppet friend traitor Thune. And she supports local mask restrictions ALL OVER the state of SD. She never had to lockdown businesses because the sheep in this state did it all on their very own. Yes, many businesses shut down here, just like other places across the US. I saw it firsthand, and could not believe it!

        Kristi Noem is a sly one..she passes the buck to local govts so they take the heat for all these unconstitutional and unlawful mask mandates. In a response from an email I sent her about how these restrictions were unconstitutional, she said that local govts, businesses, and schools have the RIGHT to pass mask mandates. NO, THEY DON’T. If Kristi truly supported the US CONSTITUTION and SD CONSTITUTION, she would NEVER make this statement.

        I found a very interesting source online regarding the $$$$$ she has received for all of her successful campaigns. I wonder who Kristi Noem is beholding to?! She received over 17 million dollars!!

        See the link below for more details.

        Once again, I ask the question: How come people in SD are still dying from covid when we KNOW HCQ works?!!

        • CTruth
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          Just read this awesome article that speaks to what I have been saying about Kristi Noem. She is NOT to be trusted!

          Here are some highlights:

          Noem waxes eloquent about freedom, conservatism, and the Constitution, but when it came to voting, she was decidedly purple in her ideology and leadership within the House of Representatives. Contrary to conservative values, she voted for the bloated $855-billion Cromnibus spending package, voted against repealing federal biofuel and energy subsidy programs, voted against farm bill work requirements, voted against reducing funding for assistance housing programs, and voted against reducing funding for essential air service programs and other alternative energy requirements. However, she has been consistently pro-life and voted to bar funding of Obama’s policy to grant amnesty to illegal aliens, though at the time of this vote, she had an underwhelming 51-percent liberty score across the board.

          Regarding voting scores, Heritage Action and Conservative Review gave her a failing grade of 58-percent lifetime liberty score. Compare this to Ted Cruz’s 91 percent, Rand Paul’s 89, and Mike Lee’s 96. The Club for Growth in 2017 gave her a lifetime score of 65 percent. Compare this to Justin Amash’s 99 percent, Andy Biggs’s 100 percent, and Jim Jordan’s 98 percent. The American Conservative Union in the same year gave her a lifetime average of 75 percent. Finally, Noem’s National Journal Composite Conservative Score, which was last recorded in 2013, was 27.5 percent.

          During Noem’s many years in Congress, she held zero leadership positions on any committee or subcommittee. She succeeded sponsoring three bills (an Amber alert bill, an amendment to Title XI, and a peace and security act) that made it into law. The last piece of legislation is problematic — not so much because the law is overtly controversial — it had bipartisan support — but because of its focus and external support.

          Additionally, the peace and security act wasn’t about liberty, limited government, conservative initiatives, or economic growth. It was about women. Having legislation about women isn’t intrinsically bad, but it does say something about your priorities when your most notable legislation as a woman is about women during an age of identity politics. It’s also revealing that the initiative was supported only by anti-conservative lobby groups.

          In summary, Noem is a novice governor who has made some good decisions for her state during the pandemic and is able to give an attractive speech to conservatives. But she is a failed legislator when it comes to issues she says she supports; has proven herself in no leadership positions within Congress, where the mettle of national and international politics is truly tested; and is legislatively supported by groups that oppose everything conservatives hold dear.

          Read the article: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2021/03/kristi_noem_for_president_not_so_fast.html

          I will NEVER support Kristi Noem. I have seen her duplicitous actions firsthand. She says one thing in public and does totally the opposite in private.

          Please do your own research instead of relying on other people’s opinion of her.

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