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      This is another enlightening podcast from Dinesh D’Souza on a variety of topics He affirms: We are in a fight for our basic liberties! Click on the image below to see the full podcast.

      THE “WOKE” RUSE Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep 76

      Dinesh D'Souza The Woke Ruse Podcast

      “In this episode, Dinesh debunks the progressive claim that police officers should aim for an arm or a leg to minimize the chance of killing a suspect. Dinesh exposes how the military, the Deep State, and corporations use “woke” ideology to deflect attention from their shady operations. Dinesh reveals the real motives behind Biden’s top diplomats denouncing their own country. The faith of Isaac Newton. And James O’Keefe of Project Veritas joins Dinesh to spell out how he’s striking back at Twitter and CNN.”

      James O’Keefe demonstrates again that he is a warrior for the TRUTH!


      In Other News:
      It was First Lady Melania Trump’s birthday today! Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful, elegant, and intelligent First Ladies of the United States of America!!

      Happy Birthday First Lady Melania

      First Lady Melania is, and always has been, a fighter for We The People. She is a warrior for the TRUTH!

      Melania Trump commitment to We The People

      Will You STAND UP and Be a WARRIOR for the TRUTH?

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