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    • Chris
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      Saturday, June 26, from 1:30pm – 3:30pm, we will be gathering together at the Capitol in Pierre, SD. Please join us and make your voices heard!

      We will be sharing stories of LIBERTY and connecting up with people and organizations from across the state. Find out how you can become involved in your local communities.

      Stand Up For Liberty digital for emailing

      Learn More: Stand Up For Liberty Rally at the Capitol

      If you would like to share a story on how you are standing up for LIBERTY, please email chris@standupforliberty.com.

      If you have informational materials about a local group or organization in your area, please bring these materials. We will have a couple of tables set up for networking and how to get involved in your local communities.

      In the Capitol and on Capitol grounds:
      a. Serving and consumption of alcohol is prohibited;
      b. Use of tobacco is prohibited; and
      c. Firearms and dangerous weapons are prohibited.

    • Chris
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      I watched this episode of Bannon’s War Room Pandemic, and it is chock full of information on a variety of topics.

      Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks about the importance of coming together IN PERSON!

      Episode 1,024 – MTG vs. The Establishment Branding Conservatives “A Domestic Threat”

      Did You Know? We invited Marjorie Taylor Greene to come and speak at our STAND UP FOR LIBERTY RALLY, but she has a lot going on with her America First Rallies. Wish one of these rallies would come to South Dakota!!

    • Chris
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      The Stand Up For Liberty Rally at the SD Capitol in Pierre was small but mighty! We were able to connect with the movers and shakers who are making positive progress in their local communities!!

      We kicked off the rally with an excerpt from President Trump’s Salute to America speech on July 4, 2019, at the National Mall in Washington DC. See the excerpt below.

      story of America

      Then, we read an excerpt from an article written by General Michael Flynn, and said the Pledge to Allegiance.


      Following is the excerpt, and the request, from General Flynn:

      For Americans to effectively fight our true enemy, we must stand together. Petty squabbles over personality and pride have to be put away. Make no mistake, I would not call for anyone to surrender their dearly-held values in the name of unity. Rather, we must find the values that we hold in common and rally around them.

      I find that the American flag and the Pledge of Allegiance are a great place to start. The American flag is not a political symbol; it is an ideological symbol. When you fly the flag, you signify your affiliation to the ideology of liberty on which our nation was founded. You believe in inalienable rights for all Americans. You believe that government should derive its power from the voice of the people. In short, you believe in the idea of America.

      At the end of the day, that is what our fight is about. It’s not about homogeneity of race, class, or custom. It’s not about everyone thinking exactly the same on every issue. Rather, it’s about respecting the right of every citizen to think, act, and speak according to the dictates of their conscience. This is about America.

      Whether you are as much a Democrat as my family in my youth or as much a Republican as many of my friends today, I hope you will accept this challenge to “Raise the flag, say the Pledge.” The flag and the Pledge are our surest means of solidarity. Together we hold the power to secure the legacy of freedom our nation has long enjoyed.

      If you don’t have a flag, I encourage you to visit AmericasFuture.net and click on “Raise the Flag, Say the Pledge.” America’s Future is partnering with Flag Campaign USA and Colonial Flag to provide high-quality American-made flags to patriotic Americans. Your order will include an America’s Future pocket Constitution and a personal letter from me.

      When you raise the flag and say the Pledge, I hope you will have the courage to record yourself and post it to social media with #RaiseTheFlagSayThePledge. I’ll make sure to go see it.

      Read the full article: This Is About America

      If you have other photos of us saying the Pledge of Allegiance at the rally, please post them on your social media accounts with the following hashtag:


      You can also post the photos in this forum!!

      • Chris
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        The speakers at the Stand Up For Liberty Rally came from different parts of South Dakota and shared personal stories that were moving and inspiring!

        Florence Thompson
        Florence Thompson from Rapid City shared the VICTORY of electing four conservative candidates out of four open school board positions, on a board of seven!

        The coalition of groups coming together to make this happen was amazing. She noted that SD Citizens for Liberty (SDCFL), SD Parents Involved in Education (SDPIE), homeschoolers, veterans, patriots, Wing Nuts, taxpayer organizations, ranchers, business people, and many others came together to elect them.

        Florence also shared several important events that are coming up in her area. (Please check back…we will post these events on our calendar when we get all the details.)

        Read an article about what they accomplished: VOTERS REJECT WOKE EDUCATION IN RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA

        Mike Mueller
        Mike Mueller, President of the South Dakota Citizens for Liberty (SDCFL), shared a past VICTORY of a lawsuit against the IRS. They were targeted by the IRS to the point where they joined a class-action suit against them. Three years ago, the courts made a decision in their favor and they received a share of the $3.1 million settlement.

        Mike also spoke about the continued growth and involvement of the members in his group. He shared some of their events and collaborations with other groups like PeoplesRule and American Stewards of Liberty.

        SDCFL challenged the Rapid City Area School’s school bond issue, and won! They also fought a wheel tax and led the fight against a mask mandate in Rapid City, and the City Council supported them.

        The SDCFL motto is: “I will lay down my life so my children can have freedom….but I will not lay down their freedom so I can have a life.”

        Learn more: http://sdcitizensforliberty.org

        Alexis and Her Daughter Lilly
        Alexis and her daughter Lilly from Sioux Falls were unable to attend the rally, so they sent their story, which was read at the rally. See highlights of the story below.

        I decided to start my own South Dakotans Against Mandated Masks Facebook group…

        By March, I had come a long way. I had 700 people in my Facebook group. I had this idea to use my numbers to our advantage. I asked that we speak at the city council meeting, move all of our chairs together, and sit as a united front.

        I encouraged my group to take the liberal approach of appealing to stories, feelings, and experiences versus the logical approach of science, which falls on deaf ears of most council members….

        I was up first. Only this time, I brought Lily. I told her to write a speech about her experiences at school as a non-masker….

        She did fantastic both writing her speech, and presenting it. Then I proceeded with my speech….we were a newfound family unified from all across Sioux Falls on a common belief and the ordinance was voted to expire!

        See the video of Lilly and Alexis speaking at the Sioux Falls City Council meeting. They are the first speakers at around the 8-minute mark: City of Sioux Falls Council Meeting March 9, 2021

        Reed Bender
        Reed Bender from Mitchell shared his story of attending the local school board meetings and standing up against the mask mandates. It became clear to him pretty quickly that the school board members did not care and did not want to hear what he had to say.

        At his third school board meeting, they called the police because Reed would not wear a mask. (He had not worn a mask at the previous two meetings, either.) The police came and Reed stood his ground. The police dragged him out of the meeting.

        Reed shared that, after the video of that event went viral, many people shared their support and some had the courage to take off their masks. And, he stressed the importance of getting involved and standing up against these unconstitutional restrictions, even though you may not want to.

        See the video clip of Reed that Michelle Malkin featured on her show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECuxOE9k8ac&t=382s

        Note: Reed has been indicted on obstructing the police, and he has a court case with a jury in August. We will be in touch with Reed again to see how best we can support him.

        We The People Hold the Power! See the photo below, taken as we were setting up for the rally.

        We The People rule

        Get involved in your local communities. See the groups and organizations across this state: South Dakota Groups

        • Chris
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          Two candidates from South Dakota who have decided to run against John Thune also spoke at the Stand Up For Liberty Rally at the Capitol.

          Mark Mowry
          Learn more about Mark: https://mowryforsenate.com

          Bruce Whalen
          Bruce posted a video on the Primary John Thune in 2022 Facebook group. However, you need to join the group in order to see the video.

          Learn more about the effort to primary John Thune: http://www.facebook.com/groups/4375927919089227

          Note: We will update this post with more information on Bruce Whalen, as it becomes available.

          See the photo below, taken as patriots were gathering for the rally.

          patriots gathering at the rally

        • Chris
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          Several members of the Stand Up For Liberty group in Yankton, SD, talked about the importance of medical freedom. They shared the activities that they’ve been doing to bring awareness to the facts about masks, ivermectin, covid shots, and more.

          medical freedom JenniferJennifer told about the Freedom of Choice activity they did across the street from a free vaccine clinic at a local school in Yankton. They brought signs and information on the covid shots and spoke with local residents about the FACTS.

          She also shared stories about her son’s experience with not getting the shot and the discrimination he faces in his workplace.

          Jennifer also shared the stories of the many side effects that her brother has been seeing on the calls he goes on. (He is a paramedic.)

          Cindy Konopasek, a co-founder of Stand Up For Liberty, shared how members stood up to the Yankton School Board and challenged them on their policy: You don’t have to wear a mask if you provide proof of vaccination.

          Ultimately, the school board rescinded this policy, but did not inform the public about it. So, Stand Up For Liberty wrote a letter to the editor and published it in the local paper to inform the students of the change: You don’t have to get the shot and you don’t have to wear a mask!

          They also spoke about a flyer campaign that is happening…Cindy and another group of people went door-to-door in Rock Valley, Iowa. This flyer has also been mailed out to many people in various communities, including Yankton. This flyer created quite a stir in Yankton…and awakened the public to information that is not being shared on mainstream media.

          The flyer provides facts on the covid shots and the effectiveness of ivermectin. Download and read the flyer: https://standupforliberty.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Covid-Flyer-Rescue-the-Perishing.pdf

          We’ll be posting some video clips from the rally soon, so please check back!

          • Chris
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            I spoke about election integrity in South Dakota. It seems that people here don’t believe we have any problems with our elections. However, if you look closely at our SD laws, there are some BIG issues.

            Did you know that affidavits can be accepted in lieu of photo IDs?
            Did you know that provisional ballots are acceptable if people cannot verify their identity?
            And that it is legal to fill out ballots in pencil?
            Did you know that SD uses ballot-marking devices and systems (BMDs) for accessibility and an optical scanning device?
            And what about our voter rolls?

            We The People in SD need to contact our SD legislators, Noem, Ravnsborg, Thune, Rounds, and Johnson and ask them what they are doing to ensure election integrity.

            I shared the highlights of a letter I wrote:
            We The People in South Dakota want to know what you are doing to ensure election integrity.
            We The People in South Dakota demand that you stop using these affidavits in our elections.
            We The People in South Dakota demand that you stop accepting provisional ballots.
            We The People in South Dakota demand that only pens (not pencils) are used to fill out paper ballots.
            We The People in South Dakota want information on these machines and this process.
            We The People in South Dakota want to know what you are doing to keep our voter rolls up to date.
            We The People in South Dakota demand transparency in our election process.

            It’s time to start calling, emailing, and writing to everyone before the 2022 elections arrive!

            Feel free to use my letter, copy it, or change it:

            verify voter eligibility - President Trump

    • Chris
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      We posted some video clips from the Stand Up For Liberty Rally on our new Rumble Channel. We did our best with the sound…it was a bit windy that day.

      Please subscribe to the channel: https://rumble.com/c/c-974335

      Below are links to the videos we posted so far. Please share with others!

      Stand Up For Liberty Rally – Florence Thompson

      Stand Up For Liberty Rally – Mike Mueller

      Stand Up For Liberty Rally – Jennifer Speaks About Health Freedom

      Stand Up For Liberty Rally – Cindy Konopasek

      One of the goals of this rally was to collaborate with people across South Dakota, and to share the kinds of successful activities and actions groups are taking to STAND UP and make their voices heard.

      Get Involved in Your Local Communities! See the growing list of groups across South Dakota: South Dakota Groups

      If you have actions that you want to share, please email us at info@standupforliberty.com or post them on our ACTION – What Can You Do? forum.

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