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      Kristi Noem has already amassed 10 million dollars for her reelection campaign.

      Read the highlights below.

      Her campaign said in a statement that she has raised over $10 million since she was elected three years ago. She has more than $6.5 million in cash on hand, the campaign said. She had already said she would seek a second term.

      “We have been through challenging times but have also accomplished great things together,” Noem said in the statement. “We’ve embraced fiscal responsibility, protected the freedoms of our people, fought federal government intrusions and invested in the next generation through education, healthcare, expanding broadband, and providing new career opportunities so our children can stay in South Dakota.”

      Noem adamantly opposed government-imposed restrictions to respond to the pandemic though she would not forbid private businesses to mandate vaccinations for their own employees.

      Read the article:
      South Dakota Governor Formally Launches Reelection Campaign

      Consider this:
      Who will Kristi Noem be beholding to, with the money that she has already raised for her campaign?

      It is your responsibility to research a variety of sources and find the truth about Kristi Noem.

      Here is a link to a recent video that examines the actions of Kristi Noem: FALLING OFF CLOUD NINE: How Kristi Noem Destroyed Her Own Career and Image

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