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      Patriots like Mark Levin and Marjorie Taylor Greene continue to speak out against the tyranny that is currently happening in our country. View the video clip with Mark Levin below.

      Stepping into the Abyss of Tyranny
      Mark Levin short take on tyranny


      Mark describes the TRUTH of what is happening right now in our government and how the voice of We The People is being denied. He asks:

      What do you call this kind of government?

      “You don’t call it a federal Republic. You don’t call it a representative Republic. You don’t call it a Constitutional Republic. You don’t call it a Republic at all.”

      “We’ve taken a step into the abyss. We call this tyranny.”

      Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke out about the House Resolution to expel her from Congress. They do not like the fact that she is exposing the TRUTH! See the video clip from Steve Bannon’s War Room below.


      Marjorie Taylor Greene stands up


      Steve Bannon asks Marjorie Taylor Greene: Why do they have the time to single you out to try to now remove you from Congress?

      Marjorie replies: Because I am the greatest threat standing in their way….I’m calling for roll call votes on the floor to put every member of Congress on record, hold them accountable.

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      Are You Ready to STAND UP for OUR REPUBLIC?

      strongest weapon is a patriot

    • CTruth
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      Here is another great video clip of Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene speaking the TRUTH!

      Marjorie Taylor Greene on NewsMax

      She continues to STAND HER GROUND!

      We The People need to support Marjorie! You can follow her on Gab at https://gab.com/RealMarjorieGreene

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