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    • Chris
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      A new film is out, a documentary featuring the true story of what happened to Nick Sandmann and the Covington Catholic High School students at the Lincoln Memorial in January of 2019.

      The media’s coverage of Covington Catholic students’ 2019 trip to D.C. may be the worst journalism scandal in recent memory.

      Reporters pounced on a preferred narrative, slamming the high schoolers instead of waiting for more facts to emerge. In the process they let loose the social media mob, forcing students to flee their homes and fear for their safety.

      Film critic, professor and director Steve Oldfield wanted to do something about that awful moment. He created Rush to Judgment, a comprehensive timeline of the incident, the initial overreaction and the sizable consequences.

      View the trailer for Rush to Judgment:

      Rush to Judgment

      “Rush to Judgment is a documentary and speaking tour about a brief encounter at the Lincoln Memorial that resulted in a viral video and social media mayhem. It brought death threats and hate directed at teenagers from Covington Catholic High School who came face-to-face with adult protesters. What can journalists and media consumers learn from this case and what does it tell us about the current divide in American politics? We examine these and other important issues in Rush to Judgment.”

      For more information, and to watch this film online, go to https://www.rushtojudgmentdocumentary.com

      Read the interview with filmmakers Steve Oldfield and Ryan Anderson:
      Reporters Fear This Film Exposing Media’s Scandalous Treatment of Covington Kids

      Read a related article:
      Nick Sandmann Documentary ‘Rush To Judgment’ Chronicles Disturbing Covington Catholic Media Smear

      Rush to judgment: Encounter at Lincoln Memorial

    • cindy
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      Remember who Nick Sandman’s attorney was during the successful lawsuits? The best defamation attorney in all of the United States, Lin Wood. The following is a message Lin Wood shared on his Telegram group.

      I was born in Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina in ‘52. Are age 3, my family moved to Macon, Georgia. I remember my N.C. grandfather referring to me as a “Georgia Cracker.” I was also never offended nor was I offended by being described as a “Georgia Redneck.”

      Now I live in South Carolina, maintaining ties to Georgia. Not sure what nickname applies to me now!

      The point is that I am a Southerner. And I know a few things about my fellow Crackers, Rednecks, and Southerners.

      They will give up their right of free speech before they will ever give up their guns and their right to bear arms.

      But we should never give up either right. The right to speak freely and defend oneself from harm are human rights which belong to us and were bestowed by God. They were not granted by the government and hence, they cannot be taken away by the government.

      Just sayin.’

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