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    • Chris
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      Today, Mike Lindell released his video documenting the election fraud perpetrated against We The People. He interviews a variety of experts with backgrounds in IT and cyber security who show how our 2020 election was STOLEN.

      Mike also discusses the ongoing censorship and active suppression of this voter fraud and election interference evidence by mainstream media, social media, big tech, and corrupt democrats, republicans, FBI and DOJ officials, and judges. The absolute tyranny, totalitarianism, and fascism that is happening in this country should frighten everyone!

      View the video: Absolute Proof: Exposing Election Fraud and the Theft of America

      Absolute Proof election fraud

      At the end of the video, Mary Fanning, National Intelligence Researcher and Author, shows the actual documentation of the cyber footprints of foreign intrusion into our election. She demonstrates how this was a massive cyber warfare attack on this country.

      This documentation is so detailed, that it shows not only the country the hack came from, but the exact IP address of the computer doing the hacking and the IP address of the voting machine being hacked. Over 66% of this foreign interference came from China.

      This documentation also shows the exact number of votes STOLEN from President Donald J Trump.

      Biden is an illegitimate president, put into place by foreign countries like China and Iran.

      Share this video with EVERYONE you know! YouTube and Vimeo is already removing it. You can find it on Rumble at the link above or on Mike’s website: https://michaeljlindell.com.

    • cindy
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      Watch the video and share, share, share. We need a fair and honest election process because without it we will never have truth and justice.

    • CTruth
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      Here is another recently released video on election fraud:

      Unmasked: Has the Truth About the 2020 Election Been Uncovered?

      Only 16 minutes long, but it is filled with data proving the election was rigged!

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