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      General Michael Flynn recently joined The Western Journal for an hour-long interview on everything from election fraud to big tech tyranny to his own persecution.

      View General Flynn’s full video interview below:
      General Flynn interview


      Following are a few highlights from General Flynn’s discussion:

      I know that many in our history, in our nation’s history, millions of people, you know, gave their their life in defense of the freedoms that we all enjoy. And one of those freedoms is the freedom to go vote for whoever we choose to vote for in a free, fair and transparent system. And we clearly don’t have that.

      So, if we can do anything at this stage going forward, it’s that we will continue this fight. And really what it will be about is protecting our election system and reforming our election system — and also fighting for those people who want to run for local, state and federal offices, who are willing to stand up and fight for this country through the use of our constitutional means and to not quiver or waver in the face of these ugly, distorted, fake media attacks that we constantly are bombarded by.

      We are about finding the truth. That’s what this is. That’s what this whole thing is about. And anybody that says there was no election fraud, all you have to do is go around to just the states that are in question and look at how many dead voters each of those states actually have. I mean, it’s incredible. You’re talking about thousands and thousands of people, quote-unquote “dead people,” who voted in this last election. And I can tell you that I’ve buried U.S. soldiers who fought and died for this country and they would not appreciate the fact that one, even one, dead person was allowed to vote. And that’s a shame for this country that we have even one….

      And I will tell you now, that those members of Congress that have distorted what we know to be the truth — in the upcoming elections — and these are Republicans primarily. In the upcoming elections, they’re going to find themselves primaried, and many of the American people that they think will supported them in the past — many of those people are not going to support them in the future.

      So going forward, there’s 70, 75, 80 million — those are the numbers that have been thrown around that stood in line for Donald Trump. Let’s just say, it’s 75 million. The 75 million people that voted can no longer just go and vote on Election Day. They now have to get involved in their local communities. They have to get involved in their states. They have to get involved in these congressional races, both the House and the Senate.

      ….So we have to take more responsibility for that as we the people — to get out and get involved in our local communities. And I don’t care whether that’s the dogcatcher to the town council, to the parish council, to the sheriff’s department, to a state house position or representative or a state senator or whatever it is.

      Volunteer. Go to the training. That’s given. Definitely. We need more and more people to stand as volunteer observers during these elections that we have. And there’s a lot of elections that happen that don’t just happen every four years. There’s elections that happen all the time in various communities.

      So, please. I’m pleading. I’m pleading one thing to your audience, and that’s to get involved in the community of America.

      Why didn't you fight for my future?

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