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Here is another call-to-action from FOR-US (Freedom of Religion – United Solutions) to stop these unlawful and unconstitutional vaccine mandates. This one is in support of the armed forces.

Stop the mandates! Show your support for our armed forces.
FOR-US has partnered with concerned service members to tackle how the COVID-19 vaccine mandate puts the nation’s future in peril. We’ve drafted a letter to the Congressional Armed Services Committees urging an immediate halt to the mandate. Our military stand to lose everything; their pensions, health insurance, right to a military burial, etc. if discharged for not complying.

Whatever one’s faith or political orientation, it’s important to set aside those differences on an issue that impacts us all. This letter provides an opportunity to place this issue on the national stage and achieve results, which will subsequently help protect the individual liberty, bodily autonomy, and religious sovereignty of all Americans.

To sign the petition, please click the link below.


If your organization or association would like to officially endorse the letter, please email drkroner@protonmail.com.