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I received the following email message from Stand Up Michigan. These women are OSHA experts, who know and understand OSHA regulations.


Stand Up Michigan’s in-house OSHA expert, Tammy Clark, and her colleague, Kristen Meghan, have been educating Michiganders (and all U.S. citizens) for the past year on all things OSHA. They have shared videos and literature, links and social media lives for the express purpose of trying to get everyone to simply STAND UP and refuse to obey, as there is nothing legally-defensible or enforceable to obey in the first place! However, this administration has no regard for the rule of law, so they are just “saying” things in hopes that U.S. businesses will obey what they are hearing, and that employees will cave to their employers. This is nothing but an agenda of fear; they are hoping to coerce you through fear of getting into trouble. We are way past the time of worrying about getting into trouble, folks, so STAND UP and refuse to comply!

In reality, this standard was promulagated illegally. The President of the United States does not have statutory authority to demand a regulatory agency create a new standard. In addition, OSHA does not have jurisdiction over vaccines. This belongs to the regulatory agencies of HHS and FDA.
OSHA regulates workplace health and safety like slips, trips, falls, machine guarding, and protection from airborne hazards such as hazardous dusts and fumes, chemicals, vapors, etc. They do NOT have the authority to mandate that employees inject anything into their bodies to control hazards, as vaccines are not a control measure for a hazard. OSHA cannot legally view unvaccinated workers as a hazard.

In order for OSHA to cite any organization for a violation of their health and safety standards, they must cite a standard that has been violated. To-date, there has been NO Covid standard created, therefore, any penalties, citations, or administrative admonishment, should be null and void.

Any organization that has received OSHA fines over the past year, should demand a full refund of those fines, including damages, AND that your company record be expunged from the citation.

There is so much wrong with all of this, and we cannot be afraid to stand up against it, exposing it for what it is! The cracks are beginning to show and the dominoes are beginning to fall.

Here are a few links and videos regarding the latest OSHA news that Tammy and Kristen have worked so hard to expose over the past year.



Make sure to watch this video:


Learn more at https://standupmichigan.com.