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Here is a recent message from the SD Canvass group.

Even though our main focus is the canvass effort, we recognize the importance of keeping apprised of current voting laws and recommendations, as well as current bills and policies that are being proposed as we speak.

Ways to be involved NOW
Email or call Lincoln, Pennington, and Minnehaha county commissioners and tell them South Dakota does not want E-Poll books. E-Poll books can be connected to the internet and present many opportunities for fraud. A basic internet search for “problems with electronic poll books” will bring up lots of articles to read.

Please do your research and call or write all the county commissioners in each county. Yes, you can contact all of them. The equipment can be shared with other counties and if one uses it the other will likely follow.

EMAIL Templates for the County Commissioners

E-Poll books

Dear: _____,

It has come to my attention that Lincoln/Minnehaha County is considering purchasing electronic poll books. I have been researching election issues since the 2020 election, and electronic poll books are a potential problem for SD. Anything electronic can be easily hacked. Let’s keep SD great by preserving our election integrity by keeping paper poll books and human voter verification. For information exposing issues with Knowink, please see the following links. A basic internet search will bring up lots of articles showing the failure of these all across the country.

Electronic Poll Books Seem Conceptually Simple But May Be Vulnerable to Hacking and Cyber Attacks, Experts Say:

The Election Security Hole Everyone Ignores:

After Pennington County Election Bungle, Krebs Says Paper Backups Needed:

Please do not authorize the expenditure of $77,000 for these e-poll books! We the People want PAPER only.

Thank you for your consideration.


Please send a separate email requesting that the county commissioners remove the ballot drop boxes they installed.

Drop Boxes

Dear _______,
It has come to my attention that Lincoln County has a drop box for ballot collection outside the Court House. Does Lincoln County have more drop boxes? If so, what is the locking mechanism on these boxes? Is it after market or is it a standard lock that came from the manufacturer? If these boxes do not have a custom lock, they can easily be breached. It would be like living in an apartment building where the key is the same for every door. That would not make me feel very safe, and would not consider living there.

Is there 24/7 surveillance on the drop boxes? What is the quality of the video feed?

In light of the 2020 election and the undeniable evidence of the abuse of these ballot boxes in other areas of the country, I am requesting that these ballot boxes be removed immediately. The unsecure nature of ballot drop boxes is an issue in the preservation of free and fair elections. Please consider removing them and keeping SD great!

Thank you for your consideration and reply.