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Sheriffs across the US are standing up against vaccine mandates.

“When we raised our hands and took an oath to God that we would uphold the Constitution of this great State of Texas and the Constitution of the United States of America, we made a promise to uphold liberty at any cost,” reads the letter from County Judge Leward J. LaFleur and Sheriff David Capps sent from the judge’s office to local media late Tuesday night.

“With that responsibility, we have made the decision, that you will not be required by Marion County to adhere to any vaccine mandate or any other mandate that would infringe on your individual liberties and freedoms. We want to be very clear; this is not taking a stance being for or against vaccine but rather a stance on the government’s authority to mandate it. It is our sworn duty to assure you of your freedom and rights, including a right to medical privacy and freedom.”

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It is also important that you KNOW the LAW. These Canadians shut down mall security and police did nothing after they showed them the law.

View the video here.