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It was announced that the Arizona forensic audit report will be publicly presented on September 24. See the highlights below.

Arizona’s Maricopa County forensic audit results will be heard on Friday, Sept. 24, per a spokesperson for the Senate Republicans. The report will be a public presentation held on the Senate floor and open to the media. The audit has been dubbed by many to be “Americas Audit” because it is the first audit to ever examine an election with such attention to detail.

While the audit report is fulsome, with four volumes of material, it is not yet complete. The team still has none of the subpoenaed materials referenced above. And the audit team did not perform the canvass promised in the original contract because of federal interference. A group of citizens, led by Liz Harris, canvassed Maricopa county. UncoverDC reported on the findings on Sept. 8:

“The Maricopa County canvassing results are now published. Biden allegedly won by 10,457 votes in Arizona, yet, the report shows 173,104 “lost votes” and “96,389” ghost votes.”

Read the article and view the video with Arizona Representative Mark Finchem’s update: Arizona Audit Report To Be Made Public Sept. 24

Wendy Rogers also made the following announcement:

Wendy Rogers - routers and spunk logs

Wendy says that she has collected over 900,000 signatures on her Decertify the Election Petition. She wants to get to 1 MILLION signatures by September 24. Sign the petition at the link below.