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South Dakota needs elected officials who will represent OUR voices and STAND UP for US!

That is why it is so important for us to support candidates like Taffy Howard! Taffy Howard is committed to representing her constituents, not big pharma and big corporations. Taffy Howard will make sure that we have election integrity in South Dakota. Her campaign focus: Fix Elections. Fix Immigration. Fix the Debt.

Tru News interviewed Taffy Howard and Julie Frye-Mueller at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium. View the video interview below to see why Taffy will be a voice for WE THE PEOPLE in South Dakota.


Tru News interview Taffy Howard & Julie Frye-Meuller

Please share this video with others! Get the word out about Taffy Howard!!

You may also want to read the recent article published in National Review. It highlights some of the issues in the SD legislature and Governor Kristi Noem’s actions, which Taffy and Julie discuss in their interview.

Who Is Kristi Noem, Really?

Support Taffy Howard for Congress: https://www.taffyhowardforcongress.com.