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The Children’s Health Defense is organizing a Walk Out Week in schools: A nationwide Walk-Out Week to protest vaccine and mask mandates will begin Sept. 13.

They are asking that parents participate in this peaceful non-compliance by keeping their children home from schools as an act of protest against mandates.

Given the current data on the harms and ineffectiveness of masks, the high-rate of injury and death from the COVID-19 vaccine and the very low rate of serious illness, hospitalization and death from COVID, parents have had enough of politically motivated mandates that ignore the physical health and emotional wellbeing of their children.

Parents are rising! Parents everywhere are now saying:

I refuse to co-parent with the government.

I refuse to let my child be a guinea pig for big pharma.

I refuse to mask my child, knowing that it is not safe nor effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

I refuse to be coerced or bullied into giving my child an experimental COVID injection that has no long-term safety studies especially when the risks of COVID in children is low.

I refuse to allow my child to be harmed for the sake of profits to the pharmaceutical industry and the illusion of safety for others.

I refuse to sit quietly as our constitutional rights and freedoms are slowly removed from this generation of children.

Enough is enough! As a parent it’s my job to project my children and I will not comply with these mandates!

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