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You need to critically think and examine the information that is being put out there about covid. The paid propagandists will lie and smear good doctors’ names in order to support their false narrative.

There has been a growing trend of attacking, vilifying, and censoring any doctor who doesn’t conform to the establishment medicine perspective on COVID-19. Many highly qualified physicians, virologists, vaccinologists, epidemiologists, and others have been maligned in this way.

One doctor under attack is Simone Gold, the medical doctor and lawyer who founded America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS). The authors of the website, MedShadow, took it upon themselves to attack Gold (and America’s Frontline Doctors) by making spurious and misleading claims about her activities and statements. MedShadow’s attempt to discredit her and her organization harms their readership more than they do Dr. Gold and AFLDS.

To help the public understand the deceitful tactics used by MedShadow (and others) to obfuscate and hide the truth from their audience, AFLDS analyzes and responds to their allegations.

Read the article: How MedShadow Fakes It to Discredit Dr Simone Gold