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I went to the Stand for Health Freedom event in Sioux Falls. It was great to see a large room full of people there!

Dr. Neil Rohe from Inspired Chiropractic was a sponsor, and he spoke about our current “chemical healthcare” system. Following are some important statistics and facts that he shared:

The United States is approximately 5% of the world population, and we take 72% of the world’s drugs.

We are raising the sickest children ever. 50% of our children have at least one chronic disease by the age of 5.

There was a major shift in vaccine requirements when the 1986 law was passed protecting vaccine companies, giving them immunity from vaccine injuries and deaths.

The use of judgment and SHAME have been the most powerful marketing tools to coerce people to take the covid vaccines.

Did you know?
The healthiest births are at home.
A recent study shows that the healthiest children are unvaccinated.
Japan has the healthiest children and elderly population in the world, and they have the lowest number of vaccines on their vaccination schedule.

Some Important Considerations About Health and Healing:
With time, nature finds a way! Our body WANTS to be healthy.

Our body is so much better at healing than we realize.

Our body has innate intelligence and wisdom.

We need to STAND UP FOR HEALTH FREEDOM: We ALL have the right to choose how we get health and the freedom to heal the way that we want.

Click here to learn more about Inspired Chiropractic.

There will be a fundraiser called Run for Health Freedom, a 5K run or 1K walk. Watch for more information on this event: https://www.facebook.com/InspiredChiropractic

Click here to volunteer at Health Freedom South Dakota.