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Peggy Hall has been an inspiration since this tyranny began! She gave a speech at the Reawakening America event in Anahaim, California. Peggy is reason why we started Stand Up For Liberty.

See the video below.


Peggy Hall Reawakening America

Following is a recent message from Peggy Hall:

It’s a Beautiful Day in America

You may not think so, at least with all of the oppression and tyranny which is accelerating at a frightening pace…

But when I saw the thousands of people at the REAWAKENING AMERICA Event in Anaheim this past weekend…

I was encouraged to know that so many freedom fighters are awake, aware and alert to all of the horrors taking over our country…

And more and more Americans are joining forces to fight this tyranny.

And while I may not see eye-to-eye with everyone who took the stage, I welcome the different approaches and desire to work together to take back our Republic.

We were strictly limited on time for our speeches, so it’s a good thing I can talk fast!

Discover all the extensive information and many resources on Peggy Hall’s website The Healthy American: https://www.thehealthyamerican.org

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