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KrisAnne Hall, JD, from Liberty First Legal created the “Power to Trespass” documents below so that you can STAND UP against these unconstitutional door-to-door visits.

If a government agent or assignee comes to your property, it will be important to those who wish to protect their privacy and property to KNOW THEIR RIGHTS.

You do not have to answer ANY QUESTIONS or make ANY STATEMENTS to ANY GOVERNMENT AGENT or assignee. (5th Amendment of the US Constitution and corresponding section of your State Constitution)

Please find attached a TRESPASS WARNING form that you may issue to any government agent or assignee that fails to satisfy the requirements of the US and State Constitutions. HAND THE COMPLETED FORM DIRECTLY TO THE AGENT OR ASSIGNEE WHILE TELLING THEM THEY MUST NOW LEAVE THE PROPERTY AND YOU WILL NOT BE ANSWERING ANY QUESTIONS.

Click on the link below to download the documents.


Learn more at https://libertyfirst.legal