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I submitted my story today to the class-action lawsuit. I was kicked off Twitter twice for posting the TRUTH!

Each time they suspended my account, they did not give me a specific reason, they simply stated that I had violated Twitter rules.

The second time my account was suspended was the same day that President Trump’s and many other Patriots’ accounts were purged from Twitter.

I was also locked out of my Twitter account one day, after replying to a tweet that Judge Jeanine had posted. She was wearing a mask in the tweet, so I responded with two images that showed how masks cause health issues.

Twitter immediately locked my account and informed me that if I deleted my tweet, I would have access to my account again. So, I deleted the tweet and was able to get back into my account.

How is that for censorship? I am sure it is because Judge Jeanine had a huge following, with over 2 million people, and they did not want her followers to see the TRUTH about masks.

It is truly a travesty what we have done to our children with all this mask BS.

babies in masks

I look forward to holding these tyrants accountable for their unconstitutional acts and crimes against We The People.