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Several members of the Stand Up For Liberty group in Yankton, SD, talked about the importance of medical freedom. They shared the activities that they’ve been doing to bring awareness to the facts about masks, ivermectin, covid shots, and more.

medical freedom JenniferJennifer told about the Freedom of Choice activity they did across the street from a free vaccine clinic at a local school in Yankton. They brought signs and information on the covid shots and spoke with local residents about the FACTS.

She also shared stories about her son’s experience with not getting the shot and the discrimination he faces in his workplace.

Jennifer also shared the stories of the many side effects that her brother has been seeing on the calls he goes on. (He is a paramedic.)

Cindy Konopasek, a co-founder of Stand Up For Liberty, shared how members stood up to the Yankton School Board and challenged them on their policy: You don’t have to wear a mask if you provide proof of vaccination.

Ultimately, the school board rescinded this policy, but did not inform the public about it. So, Stand Up For Liberty wrote a letter to the editor and published it in the local paper to inform the students of the change: You don’t have to get the shot and you don’t have to wear a mask!

They also spoke about a flyer campaign that is happening…Cindy and another group of people went door-to-door in Rock Valley, Iowa. This flyer has also been mailed out to many people in various communities, including Yankton. This flyer created quite a stir in Yankton…and awakened the public to information that is not being shared on mainstream media.

The flyer provides facts on the covid shots and the effectiveness of ivermectin. Download and read the flyer: https://standupforliberty.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Covid-Flyer-Rescue-the-Perishing.pdf

We’ll be posting some video clips from the rally soon, so please check back!