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The Stand Up For Liberty Rally at the SD Capitol in Pierre was small but mighty! We were able to connect with the movers and shakers who are making positive progress in their local communities!!

We kicked off the rally with an excerpt from President Trump’s Salute to America speech on July 4, 2019, at the National Mall in Washington DC. See the excerpt below.

story of America

Then, we read an excerpt from an article written by General Michael Flynn, and said the Pledge to Allegiance.


Following is the excerpt, and the request, from General Flynn:

For Americans to effectively fight our true enemy, we must stand together. Petty squabbles over personality and pride have to be put away. Make no mistake, I would not call for anyone to surrender their dearly-held values in the name of unity. Rather, we must find the values that we hold in common and rally around them.

I find that the American flag and the Pledge of Allegiance are a great place to start. The American flag is not a political symbol; it is an ideological symbol. When you fly the flag, you signify your affiliation to the ideology of liberty on which our nation was founded. You believe in inalienable rights for all Americans. You believe that government should derive its power from the voice of the people. In short, you believe in the idea of America.

At the end of the day, that is what our fight is about. It’s not about homogeneity of race, class, or custom. It’s not about everyone thinking exactly the same on every issue. Rather, it’s about respecting the right of every citizen to think, act, and speak according to the dictates of their conscience. This is about America.

Whether you are as much a Democrat as my family in my youth or as much a Republican as many of my friends today, I hope you will accept this challenge to “Raise the flag, say the Pledge.” The flag and the Pledge are our surest means of solidarity. Together we hold the power to secure the legacy of freedom our nation has long enjoyed.

If you don’t have a flag, I encourage you to visit AmericasFuture.net and click on “Raise the Flag, Say the Pledge.” America’s Future is partnering with Flag Campaign USA and Colonial Flag to provide high-quality American-made flags to patriotic Americans. Your order will include an America’s Future pocket Constitution and a personal letter from me.

When you raise the flag and say the Pledge, I hope you will have the courage to record yourself and post it to social media with #RaiseTheFlagSayThePledge. I’ll make sure to go see it.

Read the full article: This Is About America

If you have other photos of us saying the Pledge of Allegiance at the rally, please post them on your social media accounts with the following hashtag:


You can also post the photos in this forum!!