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Another person STANDS UP against the tyranny of mandatory masks!

“… Green, who operates a nursery business, took the lawsuit to the Tallahassee-based appeals court after Keim refused to grant a temporary injunction in May 2020.”

A Florida appellate court delivered a devastating blow to government-induced forced public masking in the state on Friday with a narrow 2-1 decision that finally took into account citizen privacy rights that have often been ignored throughout the pandemic.

In overturning and sending back for reconsideration the decision of a circuit judge in favor of Alachua County’s mask requirement, the 1st District Court of Appeal panel cited the state Supreme Court’s interpretation of privacy rights “so broad as to include the complete freedom of a person to control his own body,” Fox13 reported.

“Florida state representative Anthony Sabatini called the decision a “huge legal win” for liberty.”

This is how it’s done, folks. The people trying to force you to cover your face with a disgusting bacteria collector in the name of ‘public health’ – with absolutely zero science or data on their side to support their claims – have always been the aggressors here, and using the courts everywhere possible to push back is definitely the right move.

Read the full article in Townhall: ‘HUGE Legal Win’: Florida Appeals Court Just Dealt A Devastating Blow To Forced Masking