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We The People are STANDING UP for the TRUTH…and taking down the tyrants who think they can dictate how we should live our lives. Check out this article by Daniel Horowitz regarding a lawsuit that was won in Kentucky!

It took 15 months for a judge to finally apply the Constitution against the most severe and arbitrary violations of our most basic civil liberties, but it’s better late than never.

On Tuesday, Boone County, Kentucky, Circuit Judge Richard A. Brueggemann issued a permanent injunction against all of Gov. Andy Beshear’s COVID restrictions, including the mask mandate. Unlike the few judicial victories for civil liberties over the past year, this one was broad and sweeping, as it declared these mandates unconstitutional. In granting declaratory relief to a store owner who didn’t want to enforce masks on customers, Judge Brueggemann ruled that “all emergency orders imposed by said Defendants, or that are being continued by said Defendants, are unconstitutional, void and without any legal effect.”

While much of the lawsuit stemmed from the fact that the governor ignored specific bills passed by the legislature, and some states did not pass these laws, this ruling still creates the foundation for broad constitutional lawsuits against the remaining federal mandates on airplanes. This ruling establishes the fact that mask mandates can no longer withstand even a rational basis test, much less intermediate or strict scrutiny.

The lawsuit is also important in setting the standard for suing against the vaccine mandates or requirement that people wear masks unless they are vaccinated. The notion that one who is not vaccinated is a threat to one who is vaccinated is even more illogical and could not pass even a rational basis test.

We cannot afford to shy away from lawsuits and let the issue become moot even if the airplane mask mandate and vaccine mandates were ultimately dropped. The genie of wielding executive power over bodily integrity under the guise of emergency powers will not be placed back into the bottle. CNN already published an article yesterday warning without any evidence of a “doozy” of a flu season this year and how mask-wearing will help to stop it. Fauci and others have hinted at mask-wearing for the flu becoming commonplace. We must learn the lessons of the past 15 months today and begin inoculating ourselves against future tyranny now.

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