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Following are some of the ways that you can stand up against these vaccines, if you are being coerced or required to get a vaccine for employment, for school, etc.

What Can You Do to Stop Forced Vaccinations?
These vaccines are being administered under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). According to Federal law, you cannot be forced to take these vaccines, since they are considered “experimental.”

Ever since the Food and Drug Administration granted emergency use authorization for two new vaccines, employers, schools, and other organizations are grappling with whether to require Covid-19 vaccination.

While organizations are certainly free to encourage their employees, students, and other members to be vaccinated, federal law provides that, at least until the vaccine is licensed, individuals must have the option to accept or decline to be vaccinated.

Knowing what an organization can or cannot do with respect to Covid-19 vaccines can help them keep their employees, students, and members safe and also save the them from costly and time-consuming litigation.

Even though the FDA granted emergency use authorizations for the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines in December 2020, the clinical trials the FDA will rely upon to ultimately decide whether to license these vaccines are still underway and are designed to last for approximately two years to collect adequate data to establish if these vaccines are safe and effective enough for the FDA to license.

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Federal Law Prohibits Employers and Others from Requiring Vaccination with a Covid-19 Vaccine Distributed Under an EUA

Learn about your medical rights and how to defend them on Peggy Halls’ website The Healthy American: http://www.thehealthyamerican.org/vaccines

Get legal information and more from the Legal Eagle Dream Team at America’s Frontline Doctors: https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/legal

America’s Frontline Doctors files motion for temporary restraining order against use of COVID vaccine in children: Read the article here.

There are doctors and organizations that are standing up against forced vaccinations.
“No one – not the government, employers, nor any individual – should maintain the authority to force anyone to get vaccinated, and a Vaccine Bill of Rights in your state will ensure that they don’t.”

Learn More: US Doctors Propose ‘Vaccine Bill of Rights’ to Protect Citizens from Forced Shots

“Achieving and protecting the right to informed consent to vaccination is more important now than ever before. NVIC wants to help you to organize and make a difference in your home state right where you live to protect and expand vaccine exemptions. It is at the state level that mass vaccination policies are made, and it is at the state level where your action to protect your rights can have the greatest impact.”

Learn more: https://nvicadvocacy.org.

“Our founding fathers fought against tyranny to realize the dream of a great and free nation. It is time for the free people of the greatest nation on earth to stand up for our freedom to choose what’s healthy for our own bodies, before the industrial agriculture and pharmaceutical industries pass laws that force those decisions upon us.”

Learn more: https://www.icandecide.org.

Note: ICAN’s legal team, led by Aaron Siri, is helping people when their employers/schools are requiring them to get vaccinated. Email them at freedom@icandecide.org and include a copy of the written notice from your school or employer stating that the covid-19 vaccine is required.