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Today, I was returning some equipment to MIDCO (on behalf of my employer). They would not take the equipment from me because I would not wear a mask.

The young man behind the LARGE plastic divider told me that it was their business policy. He kept pushing one of those nasty, toxic, made-in-China disposable masks at me. I would not touch it.

I left the store, without returning the equipment…and I was SO ANGRY that all I could get out was: “Tyrants! Masks are all about CONTROL!!” as I left.

I wish I would have been prepared for this encounter. It took me by surprise and I didn’t have any of my materials from Peggy Hall, like the discrimination complaint form, the list of laws that they are breaking, etc. In the future, I will make sure I carry this information EVERYWHERE.

Many of these businesses in Sioux Falls think that they can make any business policy they want.

Did you know that most businesses are considered public accommodations and therefore, they CANNOT violate your constitutional or civil rights? Their business policies CANNOT violate the Constitution or Federal or State laws.

Below are the Federal laws that they are breaking, and they are breaking a whole lot more state laws.

federal laws violated by masks

I encourage you to check out the information and resources on Peggy Hall’s website: https://www.thehealthyamerican.org/

It’s time for WE THE PEOPLE to start FIGHTING BACK!

Despite the fact that I did not fill out the complaint form, I will be writing MIDCO a letter about my experience and ALL the laws that they are breaking by denying me service.