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These mask mandates are unconstitutional and unlawful…yet your government officials, businesses, and schools think that they can dictate whatever they want to you.

Oregon is considering passing a PERMANENT mask mandate: Oregon Health Officials Propose Making Mask Mandates Permanent

Are you kidding me?! For a virus that has a 99% recovery rate for people under the age of 70?! The government is NOT my doctor!!

Who is really benefitting from these mask mandates? Are people and businesses being paid to enforce these kinds of restrictions?

Here in Sioux Falls, SD, the sheep continue to wear their germy face diapers despite the extension of the mask “ordinance” being recently defeated. Has the lack of oxygen affected their brains so much that they cannot see the TRUTH?!

Business owners and others here in the area say that they will wear and enforce masks until the CDC says they can stop wearing them. Good luck with that!

When are people going to STAND UP to these unlawful and unconstitutional restrictions?