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The sheep in Sioux Falls have been effectively brainwashed for life. Read the article below.

‘As long as the CDC tells us to wear masks’: Two Sioux Falls businesses continuing to mandate masks

I wonder if these businesses realize how many customers they are turning away. I have not shopped anywhere in the downtown area since all of this mask BS started.

I also quit shopping at all the big box stores.

I only go to businesses that do not harass me and do not pretend to be my doctor that knows best.

Did you know that individuals working in these businesses can be sued for discrimination if they deny entry to someone who is not wearing a mask?

Business owners seem to think that private businesses can do whatever they want, but they cannot. Most businesses are considered public accommodations, and thus fall under federal anti-discrimination laws. Learn more: https://www.thehealthyamerican.org/legal-info